How to enter Mastodon, the rival of Twitter

At the time of the announcement of the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, the decentralized social network Mastodon reached the 15th place of the most commented subjects, the trending topics. In addition to having recently launched an Android app, the network is also attractive for having multiple servers, which makes it much more difficult to buy or block the network. Learn how to create an account and test rival Twitter.

Learn the Basics of Using Mastodon

1 – Start by accessing the Click Get Started to start using the network.

1 – Access Mastodon and go to Get Started – (Image: Reproduction)

2 – First, you should see the list of servers on the Mastodon website. There are groupings by theme and number of servers in each of the groups. For example: General (42), Regional (30), Art (5), Music (3), Activism (6), LGBTQ+ (7), Games (5), Technology (20) and even more curious topics such as furry (3) (a plush fan).

2 Mastodon Tutorial

2 – Choose an interesting thematic grouping of servers – (Image: Reproduction)

3 – When accessing the most interesting topic for you, a list of servers you can join and their characteristics, such as the total number of participants and who created the server, will now be available. This is where one of the Mastodon’s biggest obstacles can be circumvented, which is still unpopular. Who wants a lot of message movement just enter one of the servers with more participants.

3 Mastodon Tutorial

3 – List of servers in the General theme – (Image: Reproduction)

4 – When choosing a server, you will be taken to a screen to create an account or sign in with your account. Those who do not yet have an account on the network must create a username, password and provide the email for confirmation.

4 Mastodon Tutorial

4 – Screen to create the Mastodon account – (Image: Reproduction)

5 – After creating your account, you must return to your email to confirm your registration on the network in the link sent.

5 Mastodon Tutorial

5 – Do not forget to confirm the link sent by email to enter the network – (Image: Reproduction)

6 – With your account confirmed, you can now post on the network or make “toots”. In Mastodon it is a gaffe to say that you are going to tweet, you are going to tweet. Good toots!

6 Mastodon Tutorial

6 – Ready! You can now post or make your “toots” – (Image: Reproduction)

7 – The navigation in the net can be by two ways: local line and global line. In the global it is possible to see what all the participants of the network are posting.

7 Mastodon Tutorial

7 – To see the content of all participants, click on Global Line – (Image: Reproduction)

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