How to factory reset Apple Watch

You may be waiting for the arrival of the new Apple Watch and want sell yours or give it away to access the new model. In this case, it is necessary to take into account to carry out the steps of eliminating all the content well.

It is also possible that your Apple Watch has a fault and you want to reset it completely or erase the contents to leave it factory and start over. In both cases you have to follow the following steps.

Leave your Apple Watch from the factory by following these steps from the iPhone

The first that we have to do In the case that we have a transport card in the Wallet application, it is to remove it from the watch before unlinking. And it is that unlinking the watch is the next step to take. So first remove the transport card from Wallet and then we continue with the steps.

Now the next step is to unlink the clock from the iPhone, for this we have to keep the clock and the iPhone close by, click on the iPhone Watch application and on the tab “My watch” click on the “i” and then unlink.

If you have a data plan you can keep the data plan or not, that and everyone can choose. We confirm our choice and it asks us for the Apple ID, we introduce to remove the activation lock and that’s it. In the process of unlinking the Apple Watch creates a backup that is stored on the iPhone in case we want to use it later.

Clear the clock from the clock

It is possible that some of you no longer have the iPhone at the time of unpairing or you simply do not want to use it. To do this we directly access the Apple Watch Settings we enterGeneral> Reset> Erase content and settings. We put the password and we can directly click on delete everything to confirm the complete deletion of the clock.

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