How to fix the performance problem of the AMD Ryzen in Windows 11

Despite the great expectation, Windows 11 is off to a rocky start. However, Microsoft has been quick to solve the biggest problems with the release version, which in the case of users with AMD-based systems, added a set of additional errors that implied a decrease in the performance of their computers in up to 15%.

A problem that, although it was further amplified with the first update, finally has a solution. Luckily, Windows 11 users can download the new optional patch KB5006746 today, which fixes L3 caching problem which caused some applications to run slower than usual on PCs with AMD Ryzen processors.

Although this update also includes various solutions for the operating system, solving the problem that caused the Start menu to stop working and the new Windows 11 taskbar did not display on some PCs, as well as several others that affected sound, Bluetooth connections, application startup times, Windows search, and others.

Like Windows 10, Windows 11 will receive monthly updates and Microsoft will ship the “B” versions on the second Tuesday of each month, followed by the optional “C” versions later in the month. If you prefer to skip today’s optional patch, you will continue to receive all these bug fixes and improvements in the second version next month.

On the other hand, we also encountered a problem caused by a defect in the UEFI CPPC driver (Collaborative Power and Performance Control 2), responsible for scheduling threads to the faster core of AMD processors. This feature did not work as expected for processors with eight or more cores and a TDP of more than 65 watts, so most Ryzen CPU gaming PCs were affected.

However, like Microsoft, AMD has already confirmed the arrival of a patch currently available to all Windows users using Ryzen, Epyc or Threadripper CPUs.

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