How to format a Macbook Air successfully?

Ways to format a Macbook Air

Format a computer, Apple or not, It’s something common for many people. and if you want to know how to format a macbook air, We recommend that you read the post that we prepared on this occasion.

Currently it is normal for users make the decision to format their computers, Because with this, they will be able to get rid of unnecessary information and applications that only consume memory.

Likewise, the advantages of formatting any device, it will be immense, and will translate into higher response speed by the team, as well as a better order and facility to obtain the data that really matters.

Added to this, software updates will be able to run more efficiently, and show the most useful tools that the device offers. Therefore, in our post you will get the methods to format a Macbook Air and what you should keep in mind so that everything goes well.

Reasons to format a Macbook Air

Format a Macbook Air

There are different reasons why people take the initiative if you want to format of a Macbook Air, and it is that when formatting these devices, the list of benefits will be extensive.

The most popular reasons have to do with sell the equipment, in order to eradicate a virus or applications that do not work the same. Besides, formatting is usually done when you want to install a new version of the MacOS operating system.

Also, when you want the team work at a higher speed you can choose to format your device and you will get what you want.

Instructions to format a Macbook Air

The instructions that you must follow to format your Macbook Air correctly are:

turn off the equipment

The first thing you should do in the process is turn off the Macbook Air. To format the equipment it is important that access the basic recovery menu of your system. This system is stored on an alternate partition of the Macintosh HD and therefore, you must not forget to turn off your Macbook Air.

Press specific keys

After the equipment is turned off, proceed to press the keys «Command, R and Power» at the same time. You must do this until you notice that the Apple symbol appears and then a menu appears that will say “macOS utilities«.

Choose the Disk Utility option

When the menu appears, you will find several options, including “Restore from a backup”, “Reinstall MacOS”, “Get support online”, and “Disk Utility”.

Said last option is the one to select to continue with the process of formatting your Macbook Air.

Choose the Macintosh HD option

After the previous step, within the “Disk Utility” option the memory units will appear, one called “OS X Base System”, while the other is “Macintosh HD’. The last option is the correct one in this case, since its function will allow formatting.

Click Delete

Next, a window will appear in which you can find and click on “Delete”. Afterwards, you can select the file format of the file and finish with a click on “OK”.

That way it will start the irreversible deletion of each of the personal data stored on the computer. Keep in mind that before doing this procedure, backup is recommended of the information, to avoid losing necessary files.

Finally, you will have to return to the “MacOS Utilities” menu» and choose the option that indicates «Reinstall macOS» so that the operating system can be installed again on the Macbook Air that was formatted.

Format a Macbook Air with the “Erase All Contents” Option

macbook air

Another way to how to format a macbook air, is through the option “Delete content” and the configuration to delete quickly and safe of all this data. What you should do is the following:

  • Enter the “Apple” menu that is in the corner of your screen.
  • Then choose “System Settings”.
  • Click “Transfer or reset”.
  • Then, click on the option that says “Erase All Content and Settings”.

After selecting “Erase All Content and Settings” you will need to follow additional steps:

  • The “Delete Wizard” will appear, which will ask you to log in using your administrator credentials. Enter the password you use to enter the Macbook Air and click “OK”.
  • If it tells you to back up your Mac before proceeding, you can open Time Machine and back up using an external storage device.
  • You can also click “Continue” if you do not want to perform a new backup.
  • Click “Continue” to dismiss the settings, your media, data and other items within the list.
  • If you are prompted to sign out of your Apple ID, enter the password and click Continue.
  • You will have to select “Erase All Content and Settings” as a final confirmation.

Now you must set up your Macbook Air from the beginning. Following all the indicated steps, you will know how to format a macbook air You just have to make sure if you want to make a backup or not.

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