How to get a blue certification badge on Twitter

Twitter relaunched its certification service on May 20, 2021, after a 3-year suspension. Here is what the new version offers and how to access, possibly, the famous blue badge.

In November 2017, Twitter suspended its verification program (blue badges) after a controversy related to the certification of the account of a white American supremacist. The social network then explained that it would work on an attribution of the famous badges more clear and understandable by the users of the social network. It took a little over three years for Twitter to update this verification program. On May 20, 2021, the social network announced its big comeback, in particular through a page to understand the eligibility criteria.

How to request a certification (blue badge) on Twitter?

The process for requesting a blue badge on Twitter was once obscure. You had to go through platform managers or a hidden form. The process is now very accessible.

The option is here, in Account // Source: Numerama screenshot
  • Go to Settings and privacy, on your account, directly on the Twitter application
  • Click on Account
  • Click on Request certification
  • Complete the steps requested by Twitter

If you don’t see the button, it may be because you don’t have access to the option (new account, for example).

All certification requests will be evaluated by humans, Twitter told The Verge.

A certified account on Twitter // Source: Numerama screenshot

Who can apply for Twitter certification?

A verified account meets three criteria: it must be “genuine, notorious and active” according to Twitter.

  • Authentic : this is a verification of the identity or the link of the account with a website or an email associated with the company that wishes to be verified.
  • Notorious : it is a question of verifying only the accounts of public figures who would need it. Twitter cites 6 broad categories: Government, Businesses, Brands and Organizations, News Agencies and Journalists, Entertainment, Sports and Video Games, Activists, Organizers and Other Influencers. This last category has the most eligibility criteria.
    We note that Twitter has added a condition around compliance with the rules of the social network and an absence of incitement to hatred, among other welcome measures. The social network allows itself the right to certify personalities in this last category who do not meet the criteria, if their public speech requires verification – the social network thinks of doctors in times of pandemic, who would not have for example not the required number of followers.
  • Active : this is a request for a complete profile, protected by two-factor authentication (a small victory), which has logged in for the past 6 months and which has not been suspended from Twitter.
The certification request in the Twitter app // Source: Twitter

What is certification for on Twitter?

From now on, its objective is simple: to indicate “the authenticity of a public interest account.” It is therefore in no way a validation by Twitter or any support. We can already imagine that accounts from extreme political sides could be certified, but they must in any case respect the guidelines issued by the social network – neither insulting, nor humiliating, nor harassing. An activist for white supremacism, and therefore openly racist, can no longer be certified, theoretically. Just like Donald Trump, who didn’t have two-factor authentication.

Twitter is also working on changes to profiles, which may help highlight information on certified accounts.

Article originally published on May 20, 2021 and updated on August 28, 2021

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