How to get ahead of others in the Harry Potter Quidditch Champions beta

If you remember when it came Hogwarts Legacy last February, many wondered why in such a large title that covered practically the entire magical universe I hadn’t been able to include one of the funniest parts What were Quidditch matches like? That sport in which the magicians are mounted on their brooms and that leads them to tirelessly chase a ball with wings –quite annoying– all over the pitch.

A game with a soul of service

Warner Bros Games surely thought it best to separate things and not burn in Hogwarts Legacya title singleplayer with its campaign and history, with another concept that is crying out to belong to the elite of the multiplayer. That’s why Quidditch was left off the Avalanche title menu to stand on its own as a purely competitive experience.

And so much so that in the last few hours Warner Bros Games has announced that Is developing Harry Potter Quidditch Champions And on top of that we are going to have the beta practically right now to play it, so if you really want to try it, we are going to tell you everything you have to do. Which, as always, involves completing a registration on the website of the production company itself.

And the first thing you need to do is have an account with Warner Bros Games, to give you access to everything that has to do with the magical world of Harry Potter because we understand that with the strategy you are carrying out on several fronts, everyone will end up connected in some way. So if you haven’t already created it, you’re taking time.

How to sign up before the others?

Although the news has appeared that Harry Potter Quidditch Champions is in development, few have looked at the fine print that You can sign up now to enter the first batch of players who try it. If this is your case, in addition to your Warner Bros Games account, you have to enter here and complete all the information requested about the platforms you usually play on (PC and consoles), the genres you like the most and even the hours you invest in each game. one.

Once the form is finished, you will include the list of users who can try the beta and then You just have to wait for them to send you an email confirmation so that as soon as that beta process begins you can join and play some games.

Needless to say, unlike the 2005 Electronic Arts title, Harry Potter Quidditch World Cupthe market has changed and smells how far away this Quidditch Champions aspires to become one more service that in a punctual launch, where different seasons can be celebrated, encourage the creation of teams among colleagues and, if things work very, very well, support a scenes of eSports with its own international competitions.

And it is that we are before the first stone of a project that aims very high. Or at least that looks like it since we will see later if the enthusiasm of the players accompanies it, don’t you think?

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