How to get all The Nindo rewards in Fortnite

Naruto has reappeared in Fortnite, and as a result of this new collaboration comes The Nindo routes, a series of tests that you must complete to get limited edition gifts that will disappear once the availability period is complete. Do you want to get them? We reveal all the details to do it.

What is El Nindo in Fortnite?

Nindo 2022 is the Naruto rewards period that will be available in Fortnite until July 7 at 05:59 a.m. and will allow players to get a series of exclusive rewards and emoticons. The players’ mission is none other than to unlock the different routes of the proposed characters playing in the Battle Royale and Zero Construction modes.

How to join El Nindo

In order to participate in the El Nindo challenges, it is necessary to log in and register for the competition through the official El Nindo website. To do this, visit the following link and log in with your Epic Games account.

the routes

The Nindo Naruto Fortnite

The routes that are available are 4, and will depend on the character that gives name to it. If you complete one you will get a different reward depending on the route, and if you complete all of them you will receive the final prize. These are the four that are available.

  • Itachi Route
  • Gaara’s Route
  • Hinata’s Route
  • Orochimaru Route

All routes have 9 levels to complete via badges, and each badge will be earned differently depending on the route.

How to get all badges?

The Nindo Naruto Fortnite

The badges will be the currency that will allow you to level up on each route. These are achieved by completing different challenges, so we are going to leave you with the tasks that you must perform:

  • Itachi Route: Place in the Top 6 5 times (in Battle Royale and Zero Build solo, duos, trios, or squads)
  • Gaara’s Route: Survive 24 storm circles (in Battle Royale and Zero Build solo, duos, trios, or squads)
  • Hinata’s Route: Catch 20 fish (in Battle Royale and Zero Build solo, duos, trios, or squads)
  • Orochimaru Route: Eliminate 18 rivals (in Battle Royale and Zero Construction solo, duos, trios or squads)

The awards

As you accumulate badges, you will unlock new levels of the route. The first level of each route offers an emoticon of the character related to said route, level 5 offers 20,000 experience points (you could accumulate a total of 80,000 points if you complete all of them), and level 9 a piece of the shield that you must complete to get the hang glider commands.

  • 1 Badge on each route: Character Emoticon
  • 5 badges on each route: 20,000 experience points
  • 9 badges on each route: 1 token (1 of 4) to get the Hang Glider

Namely, the final prize will be the hang glider what will be obtained at complete all available routesso you must obtain a total of 36 badges (9 for each route) to be able to achieve it.

How many hours of work to get it? Well, know that you have 15 days left to complete the challenge, or else all the work could be for nothing.

Why am I not receiving badges?

The process of updating the obtained badges usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes, so do not rush to the official website immediately after getting the challenge, since it will take a while to appear. Be patient and keep completing the rest of the challenges, and if you reach the end… congratulations!

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