How to have two phone numbers on one iPhone

Learn how to activate two phone numbers on an iPhone

Every day it is more common to see people who decide to wear a single mobile terminal instead of two phones, either by making professional life compatible with personal life in a single device, or by having different rates from different operators that allow you to have specific advantages of each one. For all these reasons, the need to have two telephone numbers on your mobile phone begins to arise.

Do you want to learn how to have two phone numbers on your iPhone? Throughout this article we will tell you the three most popular alternatives to do it in an Apple terminal.

Use an eSIM

How to activate an eSIM

If you have an iPhone 8 onwards, the star method to be able to use two SIMs in one phone is to use an eSIM. This virtual card format allows you to store in an internal chip all the information of your operator’s SIM to access the telephone network, being able to maintain the physical hole to insert a traditional SIM and have two numbers in a single mobile.

If you want to know more about this format and you have doubts about how to have two numbers on an iPhone, we advise you to read this other article of ours on myths and truths about eSIMs that will surely be useful to you.

Use Dual SIM adapters

If you have an old iPhone, by default they do not support the dual SIM format. But the community has been developing methods that develop how to use two numbers on an iPhone.

The most popular that exists in these cases is the use of adapters that through a flexo, allow two SIMs to be connected in a single hole, leaving these SIMs out of it (which for safety should be covered by a cover). There are even models of covers that have an interior cut-out to precisely store those two SIMs there.

Once installed, it is usually necessary to install management software for these SIMs that allows to turn off and light the SIM in case of receiving a call and being able to record which one is used at all times.

One of the great cons of this method compared to the eSIM is that the vast majority of these adapters do not allow dual SIM standbythat is to say, that both two cards are working at the same time or that it is allowed to change the functionalities of one (for example, we could have an active SIM with unlimited data for internet data, but want to make calls using the other SIM because we have a better pricing plan, for example).

Another of the big problems with this method is that sometimes it requires perform the jailbreak from the same device. As many of you know, modifying the iPhone software using the jailbreak usually comes with a series of risks that the user should be aware of and should not ignore at first glance: a device with modified software is more vulnerable to attack since more functions of the operating system are exposed to modification by the same user or by an attacker.

It would only be advisable to do jailbreak Assuming that you know what you are doing and that you are very clear about how to overcome those security risks to which you expose yourself.

IP telephony: you can have a number on the Internet

Skype allows you to open a new phone number

One of the options you have to have two numbers on a single iPhone is use IP telephony as an alternative to using the usual telephone network. IP telephony is a technology in which a telephone number is created that is linked to an application that is linked to an IP voice service, and that allows calls to be received and made using that program instead of through the traditional network. , Or what is the same, lets you call over the internet.

Every time you make a call, the person who receives it can see your virtual phone number and when they call that number, instead of the call appearing in the classic iPhone Dialer, it would appear in the IP voice application. This is very similar to calls made through FaceTime either WhatsApponly instead of being made from application to application, they would be made to a normal phone.

A clear example of this is Skype: One of the possibilities in the application is to contract a virtual phone that would serve as an IP phone. In addition, the application gives the possibility of buying a phone that is not from your own country, but from a third party.

This could be useful, for example, if you have a business in another country and want to have direct contact with its customers or suppliers: when they contact you via Skype, will pay the price of a local call and not that of an international. It can also be useful if you are a user of an application that is available in another country and you cannot use your country’s phone number for registration.

And with this we would conclude our article on how to have two phone numbers on an iPhone. We hope you find it useful and we advise you to review our Tutorials section if you want to learn how to get more out of your Apple devices.

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