How to identify plants and other objects only with the iPhone camera

iPhone 12 camera

How many times have you seen a plant or any other object and wondered about its name? If you have an iPhone, you have more than just a durable smartphone. The iPhone camera may not be the one that has the most zoom or the one that takes the best pictures at night, and that is one of the best, but it has other functions that can help you on a day-to-day basis without the need to install third-party applications. . If you want to know the name of some element or plant, We tell you how to do it easily.

Photography is not just about taking pictures of what we like or of funny moments and even of moments that we want to remember. We can even take photos of those data that they give us that we do not want to forget or that we are afraid of misplacing the document. Even you already know that now the iPhone is able to recognize text that you have captured with the camera. Well, there are more things that this camera can do and one of them is that it can give us information about what we have captured. It can be the name of a plant, a monument, a breed of dog. It is a matter of trying and seeing what our needs are.

Since we have with us iOS 15, we have a fa feature called Visual Search on the iPhone. This helps us so that we can select a photo that we have taken and we can use the intelligence of the iPhone and with it it could indicate the name of what we have photographed. It’s kind of like what we do when we take a picture of someone and tag it, then the phone looks for those same features in other pictures and tags them the same way. With this we can then search for all the images in which, for example, our most loved one appears.

With Visual Search we will then be able to know the name of that plant that we liked so much and to which we have made an image capture. Even to a monument or a dog that we have seen in the park. Everything is possible and the truth is that we cannot limit ourselves to the simple and basic and if we make screenshots and then use this functionality, we may be surprised by the answers it gives us.

Visual Search on iPhone

In order to use this function, we will have to Do the next:

  1. We select the photo in question in which we have taken what we want to know. Be a plant, a dog…whatever. If we are in another application such as Notes or they have sent us an email with an image, what we have to do is hold down the image to be able to select it. A series of options will open up, including saving it. You can if you want to leave it on the spool for convenience, but it’s not necessary.
  2. When we have the photo selected or found in the reel, we have to press the information button, which is the “i” that we find at the bottom right near the delete icon.
  3. If the image contains a person, look at the bottom left of the photo, you will see a circle with the person’s face. There you can label it.
  4. But what’s really cool is that if the image contains information that can be enlarged, a icon of either an animal footprint or a leaf. That means that you can have information about the breed of the animal or know what variety of plant it is. for pets and other animals, or that of a leaf for plants and flowers.
  5. We touch that icon, and We will see that additional info. Results you find from Internet search.

Visual search results

  1. Remember that if the “i” button does not have a star, Information button of the detected elementis that there is no additional information available and therefore the Visual Search function has not been activated on the iPhone.

For all this to work, we must know that we need, as we have said before, to have installed iOS 15 and have one of these Apple devices: iPhone, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) or later, iPad Pro 11-inch (all models), iPad Air (3rd generation) or later , iPad (8th generation) or later models, or iPad mini (5th generation).

As you have seen. the tutorial is quite simple. We have a very good tool on our iPhone to be able to expand information on many sites that we can initially be puzzled by. Very useful when we are in a bit of a hurry but we want to know the history of the place where we are, the plant that our neighbor has at home or the breed of dog that we have encountered and that we have never seen before. All you have to do is take a photo and then, with all the time in the world, follow the steps mentioned and enjoy the information that the Internet gives us with the help of Visual Search. Enjoy it a lot.

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