How to increase your inventory capacity and health in Forspoken

In all titles that have a minimal combat component, one of the functions that interests us most gamers It is how to increase the different capacities of the protagonist (in this case), such as inventory or health. And this Forspoken It will not be the exception that confirms the rule, since it is more necessary than ever manage both aspects in the most efficient way possible.

A game where you will die a lot

Forspoken It has recently reached our consoles and computers full of controversies and controversies about its quality. Regardless of this, we are sure that will be one of the most popular titles of the next few weeks and that is why here we bring you some quick tips to improve your character during the game.

If you are new to this type of development, we warn you in advance that you are going to die an indecent number of times, so it is advisable to carry in your inventory a good amount of medicines and objects that give you health instantly. But there is a drawback, and that is that the starting energy bar is quite small and the inventory is very low. But don’t worry, below we bring you the solution to your problems, and we warn you that both ways are quite simple.

To collect nuggets and feathers

Let’s start by talking about how to increase health. To do so you will need to get nuggets (or Nuggets in its original version). These can be achieved in various ways. If you have enough money, you can go directly to the merchant and buy them. although if the march is more for you, you can always collect them by doing detoursas the secondary missions of the game are called (and that among its rewards you may find them in chests scattered around the map or by defeating one of the secondary bosses that it has Forspoken).

Now, to improve health, you just have to go to a creation table, select the option Create and then the option Increase health capacitywhile you press the button indicated by the game.

But if we now look at the inventory, to improve it you are going to need feathers. The way to find these feathers are the same as with the nuggets and the creation process too. You go to a creation table, you give Create and then, Improve inventory capacity while you hold down the button indicated to you. It’s not very complicated really.

As you increase these two attributes more and more, little by little you will become an unstoppable force within the fictitious world of the game and it is that, as we told you at the beginning, when you enter the Forspoken first of all you are going to die every five minutes. With the improved inventory, you will be able to carry with you more potions and medicines that will make you not be eliminated as much. It is the whiting that bites its tail.

And you? have you tried Forspoken? What do you think? Do you think that she has deserved as many sticks as they have fallen from everywhere?

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