How to install the Half-Life ALYX mod that increases campaign playtime

We believe that we can affirm without fear of being wrong that Half-Life ALYX has become the virtual reality game par excellencethe one that has really tempted thousands of skeptical players with VR to take the plunge to try it and, the enthusiasm that it has aroused has been so great that some of the most creative fans have proposed to increase the hours of the campaign thanks to a mode that you have ready inside SteamVR.

A new and improved story

Given that the bosses within Valve refuse to confirm (at least for now) a true sequel to the saga half-lifeWe’ll have to settle for this ALYX from a couple of years ago, developed specifically for virtual reality and which put us at the controls of the destiny of one of the most iconic protagonists of the saga. And it has been precisely because of that love that so many profess for the franchise that some users with skills in the creation of mod They have been able to add more content to the game. And this is no small feat.

We talk about nothing more and nothing less than between three and four hours of new story within the single player mode. Under the name of levitationEast mode completely free turns a very good game in itself into one of those that you can not miss. In addition to the expanded campaign, there are also introductory and intermission sequences with all-new voice acting and animations. Without a doubt, it shows that they have been currado much.

You currently have Half-Life ALYX Levitation with a five-star rating within Steam and with more than 627 reviews, practically all of them positive. Also, another aspect that they are especially recognizing is the level of finish of this modeespecially if we take into account that it was announced at the end of last year and we already have it available in the Valve store to download through the Steam Workshop.

Although we do not want spoil too much this new expanded plot, we will only tell you that levitation transports players to the mysterious Sector X within City 17, to investigate a floating building where two Resistance members mysteriously disappeared.

how do you install this mode?

Surely after this brief summary of what it includes levitation You have felt like installing it, but surely you are wondering how. Well, it’s very simple. Before beginning to explain it, it is worth remembering that you will need to have Half-Life ALYX in your game collectionas well as a set of virtual reality glasses (even the Meta Quest 2 will work for you).

Mod Half-Life ALYX.

This is what you should do, step by step:

  • Access the official page of the mod on Steam Workshop (below you have the link).
  • Do scroll to the bottom of the page, until you see the five parts of which it consists levitation.
  • Install the first chapter of mode by pressing the green button to the right of Part 1.
  • Do the same with the other four parts.
  • Once you have done so, the platform will install the following packages as you progress through the story.

And you? Are you going to install this mod Half-Life ALYX?

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