How to install Windows 11 without creating a Microsoft account

Windows 11 now requires all users to create a Microsoft account to install. Previously, this obligation was reserved for the Home version, but now also extends to the Pro version. Fortunately, there is a solution for anyone who does not want to go through this step.

Credits: Microsoft

Microsoft has always wanted Windows users to create an account, but has so far been quite accommodating in not forcing anyone to do so. Things changed in 2020 when a Microsoft account became required to install Windows 10. So a similar requirement was expected for Windows 11 and, of course, Redmon’s firm complied. Initially, the Microsoft account was only required for the Home version.

But recently, the publisher announced that users will also need to create an account to install the Pro version of its latest operating system. No more loopholes for those who were still reluctant to give in to pressure, at least theory only. In practice, there are still solutions to circumvent the regulation.

Here’s how to install Windows 11 without creating a Microsoft account

A first solution is to invoke the OOBE\BYPASSNRO command in the Windows terminal. This method has already proven itself, but today we are going to look at another simpler and just as effective solution. Here’s the procedure to follow :

  • Start by starting the installation process of Windows 11. To do this, we recommend that you read this article carefully
  • Once you get to the Microsoft account sign-in screen, enter a fake email address
  • Here, you have two choices. You can either enter a real email address that you don’t use, or use a temporary email addressfor example by going to the site
  • On the password screen, type a sequence of random characters
  • Windows 11 then displays an error message, but allows you to continue with the installation. Click on Following
  • Then enter the name of your profile, then click on Following
  • Instead of entering a password, press Entrance

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The installation will then complete until you are redirected to the Windows 11 desktop. You will then have access to the operating system without having to create a Microsoft account. Note that this solution is working for now, but it might just be temporary.

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