How to install (without internet) a game on Steam from another PC on the same network

Save yourself downloading from the internet

The games occupy more and more and It is a real ordeal to have to download, at the same time, 150 gigabytes or more. Between the minutes it takes and Steam eating up a lot of the bandwidth, we ended up not doing too much to avoid further delaying the already incredibly long download time. So if you have two PCs to play –one desktop and one laptop– or a computer and a Steam Deck, the Valve store has an option that will surely interest you.

Is about the possibility of saving us from downloading the files of a game since, if we have already downloaded it on another computer within the same local network, Steam is capable of taking everything it needs from it and transferring it to the new device. This function is enabled by default in the Valve client so we won’t have to do anything, although we do need to complete a couple of steps and carry out several checks to confirm that everything is working as it should.

Let’s install a game via LAN

Let’s imagine that on the desktop computer at home you have the F1 2022 installed. Now you want to move it to your Steam Deck so the first thing we do is turn on both devices with the session of our Steam account started. Now we go to the device where we want to download the game and on the product page that we will see on the screen, click on the Install button.

Next We touch on the direct access to the Transfer section –above– where the games and updates that Steam is downloading appear. In the desktop app it will be a button at the bottom, inside the Library section.

Once we get to that Transfers screen you will see that –in this case– Steam Deck is already downloading the files it needs from those that we have installed on the desktop PC. We will know it by the blue band that you will see and that tells us which team it is from. pulling within the local network. In this case, as you can see, it is not resorting to downloading anything from the Internet.

Steam download LAN.

If you want additional confirmation that your steam deck is getting low F1 2022 from desktop PCyou can go to the Valve store and verify, also within the Transfers section, that that blue band appears where they notify us that the files are being sent to the other device, in this case, a Steam Deck.

Steam download LAN.

Needless to say the process is much faster and, above all, it will not use up your bandwidth to download anything from the internet.

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