How to invest in Decentraland

The metaverse It has only just begun, and with complete certainty, in a few years we will look back and laugh at how green the platforms we know today were. Decentraland is one of the most advanced virtual worlds we have today, and many users are already wondering how to take advantage of the game to invest money.

Is it worth investing in Decentraland?

Before you start putting money into Decentraland, you need to differentiate between invest in and out of the game. Both investments are high risk operationsso if you want to invest in a safe asset, Decentraland is not the right place.

As always, what we are going to comment on next not financial adviceso go carefully and analyze each step well before taking the leap.

Invest outside of Decentraland

Buy and Hold MANA

If you are going to invest outside the game, the simplest thing is buy MANA, the ERC-20 token with which properties are exchanged in said metaverse. MANA is a highly volatile asset, so as always, only invest what you are willing to lose. For you to have a little reference regarding the volatility of this asset, on a day like today a year ago, the MANA traded at approximately 1.4 dollars. On November 25, 2021, it reached its maximum peak, reaching 5.5 dollars per token. Subsequently, its price began to fall to the $1.18 it is currently at.

MANA Staking

decentraland mana coin

If you are going to buy MANA and you are not going to actively trade with them, you can do staking to earn more MANA passively without blocking your asset. You can do it on Binance, Celsius and VEmpire.

Invest within Decentraland

If you prefer to invest within Decentraland, you will need MANA yes or yes. Then you can decide where to put those tokens to generate more return.

Operations with Properties in Decentraland


You will find the simplest investment in the LAND. As you may already know, the Decentraland map is divided into grids. There are a total of 90,000 areas within Decentraland, and each functions as an NFT. As there are a limited number of lands in the game, the price of these can rise in value more than MANA. It is a somewhat safer investment, but it also carries quite a few risks. In general, a good strategy can be to acquire nearby areas in order to be able to sell a small district in the future.

Create wearables

decentraland wearables

If you do not know model in 3DIt’s never too late to get on it. Decentraland allows you to upload and market your own product line.

To do this, you will have to model a series of objects based on a few lines and upload the content to the platform through this address:

Within that website you can create your own collection of assets. Each of them must not exceed 2 megabytes and must have a name, a category and a rarity attribute. There is also a commission that has to be paid to Decentraland every time we upload a new item to a collection, and it’s not exactly cheap.

Create Games and Organize Events

games decentraland.jpg

Without a doubt, one of the craziest investments that can be made in Decentraland. It requires not only knowing how to model in 3D, but also having programming skills. For this you need access to the Decentraland SDK.

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