How to kick neighbors from Animal Crossing New Horizons

Luckily, the Animal Crossing installment for Switch has several mechanics that can fluff one of our neighbors to leave the island. Pushing him, locking him up while walking outside, avoiding him when he wants to tell us something, giving him junk or hitting him with a net repeatedly to make him angry. Despite this, it will take you hours to convince him that your island is not the best place for him to live.

How to kick out a neighbor in Animal Crossing quickly

eject neighbor new horizons

There is a much faster alternative to kick a neighbor off our island. Of course, we will have to play with the internal clock of the console, so you must be very careful, since you can ruin your investment in turnips, miss important events or delete your NookLink newspaper.

The technique was discovered by the youtuber TagBackTV, an expert in Animal Crossing, although the youtuber Cobayasgamer ended up polishing the technique months later. In general, this trick guarantees us that we can evict any neighbor in less than 10 minutesas long as it is done correctly. Pay attention, because despite the fact that the trick is very easy to execute, it is necessary to take into account a number of variables that can spoil the process.

Previous requirements

The factors that you should take into account before starting to do this trick are the following:

  1. You will not be able to expel by this method to the last neighbor that has entered your island.
  2. You will not be able to kick out any neighbor whose birthday date is in a range of ± 7 days regarding the day you are in the game.
  3. The trick it does not work on days when there are special events on your island (Saturdays, fishing tournaments, special holidays …).
  4. Will have to pass 15 days in the game from when you kick out a neighbor until you can repeat the process.
  5. You must have had the maximum available neighbors at least once before the cheat works.

How does this trick work?

new neighbors new horizons

When a neighbor is going to leave your island, he will appear crestfallen with a cloud over his head. This process usually occurs every 15 days in the game approximately, something that we now know for sure thanks to some users who have done datamining to the game. Once we interact with that neighbor, we will decide if we let him go, or if, on the contrary, he has to stay. Once we interact with said neighbor, the process will not repeat itself until 15 more days have passed.

Step by Step

The Steps to follow are the following:

  1. Enter your game, check that the neighbor you want to kick he is not the last one who arrived (If it is the last one to arrive, the last one will also appear in the list that appears to the left of your island map). Then save the game and exit the game.
  2. Go to Settings on the console and go up 15 days. If the day falls on Saturday, it goes up one more day. Also change the time at 12:00, since it is the time of day when more neighbors will be away from home (the cloud will only appear in animals that are outside).
  3. Load the game and look for any neighbor with cloud. If there is no special event, there should be a character planning to flee your island.
  4. Once you locate the character, you must do the following:
    • If it is the character you want to cast: Talk to him and tell him to go away.
    • If it’s not the character you want to kick: do not talk to him. Save the game and add one more day to your Nintendo Switch. If the day you touch on the calendar corresponds to a marked date, add two days instead.
  5. The process will have been delayed, and now there will be another character with the cloud on his head. Repeat step 4 as many times as you need until you find the neighbor you want to expel from your island.

To make the trick work for you, also follow these advice:

  1. If a character intercepts you with an interrogation while you are going around your islandYou will not find any animals with the cloud that day, as this type of interaction “breaks” the trick. Save and add another day to your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Don’t talk to any neighbors while doing this trick. Remember that the moment you make an interaction with the neighbor who wants to leave, the process will not be repeated for another 15 days.
  3. Don’t forget the time. The time with the most number of characters on the street is between 12:00 and 16:00.
  4. Before starting the hack, write down the birthdays of your neighbors. If you get close to the appointed date, you will not be able to expel him.

How to kick the last neighbor who has arrived on your island

As we have mentioned before, the little cloud will never appear on the last neighbor who has arrived on your island. However, there are two ways to eject it, also very quickly:

Method 1: Amiibo Cards

animal crossing amiibo cards

You can import any neighbor you want to your island using an Amiibo card, which are collectibles that can be scanned with the Nintendo Switch using NFC technology.

If you have one of these letters, go to the town hall and use the Tele Nook to import a camper. The process will explain how to use the Amiibo card and the neighbor from your letter will appear at the campsite.

The visitor will ask you for a series of requirements, and when you meet them, will ask you to select a neighbor to evict, which may well be the last to arrive on your island.

Method 2: Camping

drive out last neighbor animal crossing

If you don’t have Amiibo cards, don’t worry, there is another way to do the same. Approximately a new neighbor arrives at the campsite every 7 days with a probability of 30%. The process to kick out your last neighbor is as follows:

  1. Add days to your console until there is a neighbor in the camping.
  2. Save the game inside the camp.
  3. Convince the character that he moves to your island. If you fail in the games, keep pushing or restart the console.
  4. Once you have convinced him, he will go to neighborhood management office and he will talk to Canela. On the way back, he will tell you which neighbor wants to leave.
  5. If that neighbor who wants to leave is your last neighbor, talk to him and finish the process. If not, close the game and restart the game as many times as necessary until it is your last neighbor who wants to leave your island.

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