How to know if your messages are spying on WhatsApp Web

A recent WhatsApp update that allows multi-device connection could bring irregularities in the security system and in the control of different open sessions. The possibility of someone spying on your posts via WhatsApp Web opened in a computer They are growing, and Mark Zuckerberg’s application engineers are working to keep all of their customers safe.

In mid-2021, WhatsApp announced a new update that would bring a multi-device option, giving users who have Android or iOS devices the ability to use WhatsApp Web on more than one computer without the central device, that is, the cell phone, being turned on. Consequently, customers could exchange posts with the Smartphone off.

This new feature is in a beta version and, at the moment, millions of users can check it out and see if it really is useful to them. But the truth is that the popular instant messaging application did not realize that security systems could be violated and the user would be damaged because their session could be open in more than one computer and, consequently, their posts could be read by third parties.

In that sense, the user of WhatsApp Web must manually control that your account is being used on devices that do not have your prior authorization. To do this, it is necessary to follow a simple step by step in order to know if they are spying on the posts. First of all, once inside the application, you must go where the three points are located in the upper right corner. Then touch the option “Paired devices” and then click “Device status”. Once there, the open sessions will appear in the computer main and also in other notebooks, for example.

Once this control has been carried out, it will be possible to check that the posts are being read from other devices. Although it is also true that this beta version of WhatsApp Web, as mentioned above, is available only to some users. Consequently, the customer who wants to activate this option for his computer must go to the “Linked devices” section and click “Beta version for several devices”.

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