How to know when a web domain expires

The web domain, key on any page

This is certainly something very important to our site. The name that we choose It will be essential to attract visitors, position ourselves in search engines and also facilitate identification. It is something that will require spending time thinking about which domain is best for us.

But Web domain it is not only the name that we are going to give it. That is, it would not simply be RedesZone. We must also take into account the extension that we are going to use. In our case it would be It is the registered domain name and extension.

This means that one name could be available in another extension. For example we might want to register and see that it is caught, but nevertheless find that or are free and we could register it.

In any case, on many occasions it is interesting to know when is a domain going to expire Web. In this way we will be attentive so that time does not pass on our own page, but also in case we want to register a specific name and we are waiting for it to expire and be able to do it without problems.

However, it should be noted that not all domains are the same, nor how long we will be able to maintain it. We will see this as well. We are going to show how long it takes to expire a web domain that we have registered.

When has a web domain been created

How long does a domain take to expire?

A first question that may arise is how long does it take for a domain to expire. That is, suppose we register today a Web page, a name and an extension, and we want to know when it would expire and would therefore cease to belong to the person who registered it.

The truth is that there is nothing exact, since it depends on different factors. It will depend on the type of extension that we are registering, since not all are the same. It will also depend on how long we choose to renew or register a web domain, as long as this option is available.

In general, a web domain will last one year. If we talk about extensions Generic such as .com, for example, the normal thing is that it cannot last beyond those 12 months. On the other hand, there are domain extensions that we can contract for two, five and even 10 years, although in the latter case they are rare exceptions and it is not normal.

Therefore, we can say that at register a web domain Minimum will last a year and maximum 10. However, the normal thing is that it does not last more than 24 months before we must renew it. This, as we have indicated, will depend on the extension we are using.

Many users choose to contract a web domain for several instead of just one. This is interesting to avoid having to update it every year and have to be aware of it. Thus, you simply have to extend the validity for more than one year, whenever possible, and save time.

When a web domain expires

We have explained the importance of the web domain and also how long it lasts before it expires. Now, we may be interested in knowing when you will expire a page specific. We may be curious to see when a domain on a site that we frequently visit will expire or we may even be interested in knowing this information from our own website.

How can we know when a web domain expires? We can use third-party tools to find that information. It is a very useful piece of information. In addition, we can also know when a page was created, when it was renewed for the first time and, finally, when it will expire.

We are going to show a couple of web pages with which we can know when a web domain is going to expire. They will show us the necessary information to be attentive whether it is a website of our property or if we want to get hold of a specific domain and we are waiting for it to be released.

Web Site Planet

The Web Site Planet page shows us all this information that we mentioned. There we simply have to put the Domain url that interests us and give it a check. Results like the ones we can see in the image below will automatically appear. We have put our domain and it tells us when it was created or when it will expire.

See when a web domain expires

We can put any domain that interests us there and it will quickly show us the exact date in which it will expire. It even allows us to add that date directly to the Google calendar so that it reminds us and we can renew our domain or be attentive in case we want to register another and we are waiting for it to be free.

This web page shows us the information in a simple way. You do not need registration, nor do we have to download anything. You just have to put the URL of the domain that interests us and that’s it, it automatically shows us the information.

ICANN Lookup

Another option we have is to enter the ICANN Lookup page. These initials, if we translate them into Spanish, mean Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers. There we can find information related to any domain.

To use this alternative we simply have to put the domain that interests us in the search bar and hit search. Information such as the domain name, the date it was created and, also, when it will expire will automatically appear.

When a web domain expires

As we can see in the image above, the information related to the creation and expiration date of a web domain matches exactly what we saw on Web Site Planet. We can obtain these data from any web domain that interests us and that we want to control.

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