How to leave the macOS Monterey public beta

public beta

This past week we showed you how we could install the public beta version of the new operating system presented by Apple last June, macOS Monterey. This time we want to share the opposite, how to uninstall the installed public beta version.

For many of you this option is totally ruled out since the beta version works really well, but all those users who decide to uninstall or remove the macOS Monterey public beta can do so in the following way.

How to remove the macOS Monterey public beta

The first thing we have to do once we are clear that we want to exit the beta version program for developers is access directly with our Apple account (Apple ID) to the public beta page of the Cupertino firm. Once here we have to click on the following options:

  1. Now we have to choose “Unenroll Your Devices to Stop Receiving Public Betas”
  2. Click on “How do I leave the program?” at the bottom of the page
  3. Now we have to access the link “Leave Apple Beta Software Program”
  4. A window appears asking you if you want to leave it, confirm by clicking on “Leave Program”

With these steps we will directly be out of the following public beta versions, so that no more notifications will appear about the new versions released by Apple of this operating system. We really do not recommend the installation of beta versions on the computers with which we work daily, but this as in everything is up to each one.

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