How to minimize windows in the application icon

In the configuration options or rather system preferences we find the option to minimize windows in the application icon itself. This means that when we minimize an application it it will be directly hidden in the icon of the app itself on the dock. This is a function that has been available for a long time and is usually disabled in macOS, so today we will see how we can activate it easily and quickly.

How to minimize a window in the application icon

A really simple function that can be useful for those who work with many applications open on the Mac.

minimize windows

The first thing we have to do is access the “System Preferences” and look for the dock icon. Once we are inside, it is really easy to locate this option that is at the bottom and that clearly indicates “Minimize windows in the application icon”. In the upper screenshot you can see that it is deselected.

Once we select it and activate this option we will see that when minimizing the applications they do not stay on the right side of the dock, they stay directly on the app icon and to open them, press again on them and that’s it. It is a function that is really simple to activate and it was surely unknown by many of the macOS users, especially by those who have just acquired a Mac, now you know how these open apps hide directly in their icon when they are minimized.

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