How to motorize a traditional blind for less than 60 euros

If you have several traditional blinds at home, it is possible that at some time you have considered changing them for an electric one. However, the idea of ​​hiring someone to do it doesn’t excite you too much, especially if the blinds you have are still working properly. When we talk about motorize a blindWe think that absolutely everything has to be changed. And, fortunately, it is not. Having an electric blind – and controlled by Alexa – can cost you about 60 euros if you are willing to put in the labor yourself.

How is a traditional blind motorized?

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In the current market it is full of solutions so you can have at home automatic blinds. There are more and less complex solutions, but the simplest option is the one you can do yourself without too much difficulty on a Saturday morning.

To motorize your blind, all you have to do is replace the axis of your traditional blind with a motorized one. The price of a motorized axis depends fundamentally on the length you need. Amazon’s best-selling model is this low-consumption and silent Julius Mayer model that is worth about 41.99 euros in its one-meter version. However, this same brand has models up to 350 centimeters in lengthand the price does not rise excessively either.

Once you have the motorized axle at home, the process you must follow is as follows:

  1. Open the box of your blind.
  2. Use the tape to fully lower the blind.
  3. Disconnect the tape—or the steel cable connected to the crank—from the traditional axle.
  4. Remove the hooks of the traditional blind to free the slats from the axis.
  5. Mark with a permanent marker the position of the axis on the bars.
  6. Remove the traditional axle.
  7. Also remove the tape with the dustpan and prepare the hole if necessary to place the switch there.

Turn of the electrical part

From this point, it’s time to do the electrical part, which is not as complex as it seems. You just have to bring a power cable to the inside of the box. The simplest thing is to do it from a plug that we have nearby. All this process must be done with the electricity completely disconnected and using quality splice cards.

Once the electrical part is done, it will simply be necessary to connect wires to motor and switch as indicated by the manufacturer of the motorized axis. We will pass the cables from the axis to the switch inside the walland we will use the hole that the tape has left free to place the buttons.

At this point, all that remains is to re-hook the slats to the axis and try the buttons to configure the motor stops.

How do I control the blind with Alexa?

alexa control blinds

By following these steps, you will have a fully motorized blind, but you will have to get up from the sofa to raise or lower the blind.

If you want to control the blind with Alexa or from your mobile, all you have to do is install a blind switch LoraTap, which will be connected to the traditional switch that has been installed in the previous step. This device is added to Alexa and will allow you to raise or lower the blind with a simple voice command. You can also set up your own Alexa routine so that the process is automatic or even raise and lower the blinds from outside the home with Alexa to simulate that there are people in your home.

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