How to Move a Server Rack

Businesses usually face the need to change their locations and move network systems. Cabinets and racks differ in size so some models are more portable, while it is quite complicated to relocate others. Yet, although some cabinets are very bulky, it is still possible to relocate them. The process will only take different time, effort, and number of employees.

The process is not an easy one since workers should take into account many precautions and ensure furniture and equipment safety. Moreover, when facing the need to relocate server furniture, the staff can encounter a number of challenges, namely:

  • office space. You should be sure that a new premise is suitable in terms of free space and is able to house the cabinet. So, be sure to measure the rack size and find the place for it in a new room.
  • connectivity. Is a new premise equipped with a sufficient amount of power sockets? Is the PDU powerful enough to feed the system? Make sure that you won’t encounter problems with connecting network system units to power sources.
  • the safety of transport. Damage can occur as a consequence of improper fastening during transportation. Uneven road surfaces can lead to accidental damage. Make sure to move server racks to a new location correctly. Study the standards for cabinet installation in tracks, fastening methods, and types of transportation.

Note that the quality of server racks can significantly eliminate the risk of damage during transportation. If you need a quality network cabinet, visit SysRacks. Here, a wide assortment of durable models is provided. The cost is affordable and corresponds to furniture quality. Managers help select appropriate models.

  • data backup. Back up datum to avoid the loss of information due to unforeseen circumstances. Create info backups before unplugging the system.
  • ventilation at the new address. Examine a new premise to make sure that it is able to meet environmental standards for the proper functioning of IT equipment. Network hardware requires the creation and maintenance of optimal climatic conditions. Otherwise, surges in temperature or humidity lead to hardware malfunction. So, before moving to a new location, make sure that its ventilation system is well-arranged and performs properly.
  • unexpected errors. It is impossible to foresee all the problems and mistakes. So, be ready to react promptly when sudden challenges arise.

Relocation is a complex process that requires particular attention and preparation. However, if it is done properly, you won’t feel inconveniences or problems.

How to Plan Server Cabinet Relocation?

Note that relocation planning is an important step that affects the success and speed of moving to a new address. Follow this guide on how to move a server rack to cope with the duty correctly and quickly.                                                                                

  1. Create an inventory list. Make a list of all the components, accessories, and other supplies that are used for cabinet assembly and hardware mounting.
  2. Back up the data. Create a copy of all the datum stored in the system.
  3. Consider how much it will cost. Calculate how much money you need to organize moving. Keep in mind the salary of workers, transportation expenses (renting a track), and all the related costs.
  4. Determine which equipment goes first. Set an order in which you will move devices. It is very convenient to make an order when compiling an inventory list. Delivery components so that it will be easy to install them.
  5. Move with a reliable moving company. Make sure to hire a professional team of movers. When cooperating with a trusted company, you’ll be sure that hardware won’t be damaged during transportation since all the measures are taken to secure cabinets and devices. Trusted companies always provide guarantees and insurance services.
  6. Ensure a proper cooling environment. Take the needed ventilation tools (fans and other cooling devices), install sensors to control the climate, and make sure that the premises are well-ventilated.
  7. Plan the wiring and cabling. Study a new room and plan how you can route cable more effectively and ergonomically. Develop a map with routes to ensure neat and arranged cabling. Label cords at once to simplify maintenance in the future.
  8. Find a suitable place for the rest of the network hardware. Leave extra free space to accommodate the rest of the devices during assembly and setup.

When relocation is complete and all devices are set up, you’ll enjoy a smoothly functioning network system.

What Dangerous Situations Can Happen?

When moving server racks, workers should take particular security measures to prevent furniture and hardware from accidental falling and damage. The following situations may occur security rules are violated:

  • cabinet tipping off due to improper fastening in the track. If the furniture is fastened incorrectly, it can move and tip off during transportation. Fasten products according to the specs and technology.
  • when carrying the cabinet on the stairs, one of the carriers may fall and get injured.
  • when lifting a cabinet using a forklift, make sure that the entire cabinet bottom panel stands on the surface. If not, use a special pallet to support cabinets and avoid tipping off.
  • check the weight of the cabinet and equipment and ensure that the pallet or other supporting platforms can carry this weight.
  • check equipment and furniture integrity before plugging in.

Server cabinet relocation is a complicated multi-step process that takes a lot of time and effort. Yet, if you stick to the above-listed guide, it is possible to eliminate all the hazards for products and human lives. It is recommended to hire professional relocating companies that are specialized in such kinds of services and perform duties properly. Skilled workers know the specifics of moving different kinds of objects and guarantee their security on the road. So, cooperation with reliable agencies comes as an easy and enjoyable way to relocate without stress.

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