How to mute current accounts, words and topics on Twitter

Activating the «mute» on Twitter, is it worth it?

This question may be the one that is going through your head right now. And the truth is that, believe us, it deserves it a lot.

The first thing is to know what type of “silences” we are going to be able to configure in our account of this social network. And it is that we will be able to remove from our sight:

  • Words.
  • Compound phrases.
  • Hashtags.
  • Emojis.
  • User names (both the “@” itself and its name).

This will allow us to get away from offensive words, current hot topics that we do not want to get into, stop seeing any detail of a user who is a heavy, etc.

The silences that we activate we can customize to our liking so that they stop appearing on our timeline, in responses from other users, notifications, messages and, ultimately, anywhere on the social network that we can imagine. In addition, we can activate or deactivate the lock at our whim or, if we need it, we can silence them for a specified period of time. That is, we will have the possibility to block a certain word or term for a day, a week, a month or indefinitely.

All these options will be available whether we do the process through the PC using a browser, or if we access Twitter from our own Android or iOS phone. Next we will see the process step by step so that there are no doubts.

Mute words, accounts or hashtags on Twitter from your computer

The first thing we are going to see is the process to be able to stop seeing any type of word, phrase, hashtag, accounts or emojis in our account of this social network if we access from a computer. The steps to follow in this case are quite simple:

  • Go to Twitter.
  • Go to the “More options” section of the sidebar and press it to display the menu.
  • Now click on “Settings and privacy”.
  • In this new window, click on the “Privacy and security” option, and then access “Silence and block”.
  • Once in this new menu, click on “Silenced Words” of all the alternatives you see.
  • If you have never entered here, a screen will appear that tells you what happens if we add a word to this list. Now, to add them, you have to click on the cross with the “+” in the upper right corner and write that word that you want to stop seeing.

Again a menu will appear showing us the different places where it will stop appearing to us this word, in addition to him time frame for which we want to make it disappear.

In our case, we have decided to silence a compound name for this example, which is “stand desk”. And, through the configuration we have made it disappear from all sides in relation to our profile for a period of 24 hours. From this moment the term “stand desk” will be deleted from this list. Moreover, when clicking on «Save» the word appears in said list and, just below, it indicates the remaining lock time.

In case you want mute an account specifically, the process is also extremely simple:

  • From the start of Twitter, locate the profile of the account you want to mute. This can be done through your own timeline, or, locate it by its username through the search engine in the upper right corner.
  • Once you are in the profile of said user, you will see a button with three small dots next to their photo and username. Press it.
  • Now, in this new drop-down, go down to the option “Mute @xxx” and click on it.

That’s how simple it is to mute an account from your timeline. In this way you will stop seeing any content that that user publishes without having to stop following it … you know, the commitments.

To review the list of accounts silenced by your account, you will only have to access the privacy options that we indicated before and enter the option of “Silenced accounts” instead of “Silenced words”. In this list you can also disable any muted profile simply by clicking on the speaker icon in red that you see next to it.

Mute words, accounts or hashtags on Twitter from your mobile

If you want to follow this procedure through the Twitter app on our mobile phone, the steps to follow are somewhat different but equally simple:

  • Open the Twitter app.
  • Go to the “Settings and privacy” section. In Android You will find it by clicking on the icon with the three lines in the upper left corner. In ios It is as simple as clicking on your profile photo in the upper left corner.
  • Now we will have to access the menu of our account with the name “Privacy and security”.
  • In this new advantage you must move to the security section. If you have an Android phone, you have to click on “Silenced Words”. But, if you have an iPhone, you will have to click on “Muted”, and then on “Silenced Words”.
  • In this menu is where we will add the words, hashtags, phrases or emojis. Click on “add” or on the “+” depending on the operating system you use.
  • Once again, we will have to write what we want to silence, as well as where it will stop appearing and for how long.

If what you want to do is mute a user specifically, the process to follow is exactly the same as if we did it from the browser as we explained a few lines ago.

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