How to open the doors of arithmancy (animal symbols) of Hogwarts Legacy

How to open the doors of arithmancy with animals in Hogwarts Legacy

As expected, Hogwarts Legacy hides a lot of secrets and puzzles that we will have to try to solve on our adventure through Hogwarts, and one of those secrets is the arithmancy gates puzzlessome doors that hide chests with rewards and that can only be opened if we solve a math riddle.

What do the animal drawings mean?

As you must have intuited, the animal symbols that appear above the door must mean something. In fact, near the door you will find some stone triangles represented with the symbols “?” and “??” with which you can interact to reveal several of the icons that appear above the door. But what should we do?

The secret is that each animal represents a number, and although the solution is hidden in one of the rooms of the castle, it actually has a fairly easy solution. you just have to count from 0 to 9 from the first creature on the left to the last one on the right. Remaining as follows:

How to open the doors of arithmancy with animals of Hogwarts Legacy

How do you open the door?

How to open the doors of arithmancy with animals in Hogwarts Legacy

With the creatures already numbered, now all you have to do is solve the mathematical puzzle that appears on the door. They are two triangles that represent a sum of three figures. Each vertex of the triangle represents a number (number represented with a number or with an animal) and the sum of the three vertices gives rise to the number that is inside the triangle.

The challenge is that we must find out the value of “?” and “??” to select the correct creature at each vertex. A simple addition and subtraction will help you discover the creature that you must place in the stone triangles.

Where to find the meaning of the symbols

Although the solution to the symbols riddle is quite simple, the game hides the solution in one of the rooms of the castle. You will only have to go to the Arithmancy Classroom, which is located next to the Hogwarts Library Annex. There you will find a paper where the values ​​that represent each creature drawn on the door are specified.

How many arithmancy gates are there?

The castle has a total of 12 arithmancy gates, so you will have homework ahead to find all of them. In any case, we leave you below with the location of all of them:

  • center hall
  • great gallery
  • enchantment classroom
  • ravenclaw tower
  • middle aisle
  • grand staircase
  • hourglasses
  • faculty tower
  • north hall
  • Big dining room

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