how to play the 10 million euros?

The Valentine’s Day Loto is one of the most popular draws of the year. This time, FDJ offers real advantages to participating. Between the super jackpot, the boosted second draw option and the 10 guaranteed winners, it’s time to play the Loto.

Whether you’re a couple or alone, the Valentine’s Day Lotto draw could make you a new millionaire. The FDJ is organizing this national lottery on this Monday, February 14, 2022 in the evening. On this occasion, you have no less than 3 ways to walk away with a super jackpot.

The main Loto Saint Valentin draw may allow one of the participants to walk away with the tidy sum of 10 million euros. The second chance draw, which is available at an additional cost, is 3 times more generous than normal (300,000 euros). Finally, 10 players will be drawn and each will leave with 20,000 euros.

To play the Lotto Valentine’s Day, it’s here:

Play the Valentine’s Lotto

As always, the Valentine’s Day Lotto is one of the most popular draws of the year. There are several million grids which are validated across France and which may allow you to win the jackpot. Even if you don’t have the right combination, that doesn’t prevent you from walking away with a nice win.

But how to play this Loto?

100% of the winners tried their luck. You will therefore have to play the Valentine’s Day Lotto to have a chance of winning something. If you are in a hurry and want to minimize your risk, playing online on the FDJ site will be the most effective. In 2 minutes, you will open an account and place your bet. It’s faster than going to a tobacconist.

In addition, playing Loto Saint Valentin from the FDJ site provides real convenience: you can easily tick the numbers (5 + 1 Chance number) on your computer or mobile; you can generate random grids or take advantage of MultiChances (exclusive on the internet) and you can consult the results much more easily.

Play the Valentine’s Lotto

In this case, once you have played the Valentine’s Day Lotto online, your grid is therefore saved. When the results are known, you will know directly how many correct numbers you have ticked, and how much you will win. This will save you from making a detour to the tobacconist the next day. It also saves you the risk of losing the paper ticket, and it allows you to avoid prying eyes when withdrawing your winnings.

Once you have opened your account on FDJ, you are almost ready to play Loto Saint Valentin. You will just have to fund your account before placing your first bet. The most practical way is by credit card: you pay as if you were buying a service online. Otherwise, there is also the possibility of making a transfer, but this will take longer.

The rules to know for the Lotto

The Lotto draw, whether on Valentine’s Day or any other time, is always the same. There are 49 numbers and you must choose 5 of them. There are also 10 Chance numbers and only one will fall. By default, by opting for a grid of 2.20 euros, you can therefore tick 5 numbers and 1 Chance number. The result will be of the same format. Note that you can tick more for an additional cost.

The main draw is the one that will allow you to play the 10 million euros for Valentine’s Day. However, FDJ has also introduced a second draw (without the lucky number) which takes place a few minutes after the big draw. The latter is accessible for 0.80 euros (which amounts to 3 euros in all). You keep the same numbers as for the main draw and this second draw allows you to receive 300,000 euros this time. It’s 3 times more than normal, and it’s a special offer for this lovers’ day.

Finally, there is one last possibility to win money with the Valentine’s Day Lotto. And this possibility will GUARANTEE no less than 10 winners. While the first two draws may not have a winner (if no one finds the right combination), FDJ is organizing a draw that will guarantee 10 players a check for 20,000 euros.

Once you have played a Loto Saint Valentin grid, you will automatically receive a code which will be your entry in this exceptional draw. For each grid that will be validated, you have a chance to be drawn. FDJ will draw 10 winners among all the automatically generated codes who will leave with this bonus. It is included in the cost of the Loto grid.

Play the Valentine’s Lotto

The Valentine’s Day Lotto, super jackpot

The jackpot at stake for the Valentine’s Day Lotto is particularly important. Normally, the Lotto draw puts much smaller sums in play. So it’s a great opportunity to have a higher payout… with a higher probability of winning than EuroMillions. This last draw often puts large prize pools in play, but the probability of winning is about 10 times lower.

Finally, if you’re wondering how to play Lotto Valentine’s Day and which numbers to choose: it’s completely random. It is not because numbers have fallen in the last draws that they will not fall again this Monday evening, February 14. Also note that the deadline for participation is at 8:15 p.m. tonight. Do not miss this deadline, it would be a shame.

If you’re ready to play the Lotto, it’s here:

Play the Valentine’s Lotto

Gambling involves risks: indebtedness, isolation, dependence. For help, call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-surcharged call).

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