How to prevent your smartphone from overheating during the heat wave

All smartphones overheat at one time or another, but it doesn’t always come from the hardware. There are a multitude of factors, but there are some that can be influenced to limit the temperature of the device.

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It happens from time to time that your Android smartphone overheats, a problem whose causes can be multiple. This can of course be hardware related and in this case there won’t be much to do. But the circumstances can also be external. An application that is too greedy, the summer and the heat wave which require you to shelter your smartphone or even the excessive use of certain functions. Identifying the cause can sometimes solve the problem.

Recognize the signs of overheating

Generally, when a smartphone begins to reach too high a temperature, we manage to anticipate the overheating before noticing it in contact with the device. Warning signs such as the appearance of lags, a lack of overall fluidity and sometimes the appearance of error messages. Certain tasks are sometimes too intensive to be carried out for more than a few minutes, in particular the recording of video in 4K, at least on certain models.

If, for example, you’ve been playing a heavy game for more than half an hour or performing some other time-intensive task, you’ll quickly find that the device starts to experience slowdowns and the level of battery is melting. In this case, let it rest for a few minutes.

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Check your battery temperature

When a smartphone tends to overheat, it is sometimes because of the battery. Especially if your smartphone already has a few kilometers on the clock. A data to check from time to time, even if it is true that manufacturers have made great progress in terms of cooling in recent years. But if your mobile is a bit old, be careful.

Smartphones with removable batteries hardly exist anymore, and if you are still concerned you will have a hard time finding a spare part. In this case, it is better to abandon your device to acquire a newer one.

Otherwise, with the help of our tutorial “How to check the status of your smartphone’s battery“, you will know if the time has come to replace it. To check the battery temperature, all you have to do is go to the phone app and type the password *#*#4636#*#*. You will then see various information about the battery, including its temperature. If the code does not work on your device, try *#0228#.

Normally the battery temperature is around 30 degrees. It can sometimes climb a few degrees when the device is heavily used, especially by 3D games, but beware if it goes above 40 degrees. Most of the time, that will mean it’s time to step in. Again, battery is less and less of an issue in this regard on Android smartphones.

What if it came from the charger?

Also, if your smartphone tends to overheat while charging, also remember to check the condition of your charger and your charging cable. Is this the original charger? Is this the original cable? If you observe overheating during charging and the battery is not the cause, then you have to look at the side of the cable and the charger.

Keep in mind that, whatever the origin of the problem, the original charger (or failing that, an official charger purchased later) remains the safest solution for your smartphone. Better to avoid questionable sites or resellers for this kind of critical equipment, especially now that fast charging technologies are multiplying.

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An overworked processor

If the overheating issue isn’t related to your battery, it could be caused by an app that’s putting too much strain on the CPU, like some 3D games. If so, you realize this pretty quickly, because your smartphone will become sluggish and will start to slow down. Features like augmented reality are also very greedy.

Generally, if you are used to playing for a long time, the heat will be inevitable and in this case, the only solution to avoid damaging your smartphone is to shorten the game. Avoid playing with the charging smartphone. Note that it can also be related to some poorly optimized applications running in the background.

Avoid combining certain factors

In 2019, our smartphones are made to accomplish all kinds of tasks at the same time. But depending on the model, you can sometimes have difficulties for certain uses. Even on the high end, bugs can occur. Recently, we remembered the RAM bugs for the Google Pixel 3. Overall, you can play a heavy Android game while keeping the screen brightness at maximum and using WiFi heavily. However, if you’ve been shooting a 4K video for 20 minutes in direct sunlight with the screen at maximum brightness, you shouldn’t be surprised to see your smartphone overheat.

Keep it cool!

In a previous tutorial, we exposed you to the risks associated with leaving your smartphone in direct sunlight. Without going back over the many damage that could occur from a certain temperature, we will simply remind you that as soon as a smartphone starts to get hot, it can quickly affect its operation. Touchscreen becomes less responsivebattery which discharges at high speed in particular.

A phenomenon that you may have already observed during a heat wave. When the outside temperature is too high, leave it in the shade and avoid putting too much strain on it. At the beach, for example, it is better not to watch videos or play on your mobile.

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Beware of protective covers

Many users resort to a case to protect their smartphone from scratches and breakage. It’s quite logical, especially since by making sure to keep it in good condition, you increase your chances of reselling it at a good price when buying a new model. However, it should also be borne in mind that most of these accessories are made of plastic and that plastic is an insulating material which retains the cold as well as the heat.

In other words, if your smartphone tends to heat up, with a plastic shell, it will have a lot more difficult to cool. Not all cases are to be put in the same bag and some are better designed, since they have more openings and/or do not cover the entire surface of the device, but this can nevertheless be an avenue to explore and the simply taking it out of its case when you’re playing a greedy game will help it cool down more easily. No nonsense, however, be careful when handling your mobile without a shell, especially if it is equipped with a borderless screen.

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