How to preview the Instagram feed: the best apps

The first impression is the most important

As we said, Instagram has evolved over the years. The posts that we used to do normally, now we reserve them for stories, so they don’t dirty our feed. In fact, many of us reserve the most personal photos and videos, and publish them only for our ‘Best Friends’.

If your goal on Instagram is grow and make yourself knownyou will know very well that it is very important to maintain a feed neat and attention-grabbing. There are a thousand ways to do it, and we invite you to discover a creative and original way to wear yours. We talked some time ago about what techniques can be used to have a feed nice, but today we will not deal with that. On this occasion, we are going to discuss the tools that you can use to visually plan your posts. In this way, you will be able to see ahead of time how your profile will look and you will be able to correct or change course easily.

How to preview Instagram profile before posting anything

Most of the influencers or brands that make use of Instagram have developed over time a style. When you go into one of their profiles, you can easily see that they use repeating patterns and templates to integrate their images and videos.

All this is done to attract attention and thus increase the probability that a new user who enters the profile will hit the follow button.

There are tools more and less complex to do this. The most interesting are the following:


inpreview app.jpg

This app is available for both the iPhone as for Android devices. It’s an app free and with a very simple interface that will greatly simplify the process of keeping your Instagram grid up to date.

Inpreview is able to load all the images that are on your Instagram profile. Thanks to that, you can visualize what would happen in your grid if you hide any post. The functions it has are the following:

  • hide and show: Hide a post and see how the grid will move to determine whether or not it’s worth making that change to your account. In the same way, you can show an image that was hidden and also see if that change is going to break any type of design that you have established.
  • Check: This feature is very interesting. It allows uploading a folder of the mobile phone with images that we want to upload to the profile. The system will then do an automatic adjustment to determine which posts to send next to follow the pattern we’ve previously set.
  • Reminder: allows you to set a notice so that you can make publications periodically. Thus, your account engagement will not drop, and your profile content will always look fresh.
  • Prepare posts: You can add texts and make simple edits to future posts that you are going to send to Instagram.
  • Group: allows you to create blocks of images, as well as delete the groups that we have already published in our account.
  • Multi-account management: If you use several profiles, you can manage them from the same application without problems.

Without a doubt, it is the most complete app for visual planning. However, there is one that we will see later that is broader in terms of other features that do fall within the field of managing the account itself (labels, friends…).



This application is one of the simple ones. We could say that it is highly influenced by Instagram Profile Previewer, which is an application that has been used for a long time to plan posts through GitHub. However, Previagram is much easier to use.

Previagram is a web app. That means you can use it on any device. You simply need to have a browser and access the official Previagram website. Then, enter ‘Start Now’ and you will see a grid with a button to add photos. Then all you have to do is import the posts and crop them if necessary. The tool has its own function to choose the aspect ratio, so you won’t have to edit the images before you start.

Once you import your images, you will be able to drag them to change the order, rotate them or replace them with others that are more appropriate. Once you have the right design, click on ‘Download Preview’ to download a screenshot of how your Instagram grid should look to your computer or mobile phone. As we say, this is one of the simplest tools you can find right now.

PREVIEW: Planner for Instagram

preview planner.jpg

This is an app for iPhone and iPad. It is an application similar to the first one we have seen. It not only invites you to order the publications, but also allows make edits, auto post and even find hashtags.

Another interesting function that this app has is that of repostwhich is used to automatically recycle a publication that we usually do on a recurring basis.

This application is very interesting if you make a very intensive use of social networks, because it has many advanced features which can become quite complicated if the only thing you are looking for is to organize the profile.

Feed Preview for Instagram

preview the instagram feed.jpg

This application is similar to Previagram, but it is installed on the mobile phone. It allows organize quickly and easily the dashboard by importing the images and exporting a preview of the result.

Feed Preview for Instagram is a free app that does not require you to enter your Instagram username and password to work. It also allows you to control the rhythm of publications using your own calendar. It also has a setting to preview filters and a system to cut images and see how they would be grouped in the feed.

This app has been installed over a million times, and has outstanding ratings. If what you are looking for is something simple that you can carry on your mobile to do a quick but effective planning, this may be your application.

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