How to process the guarantee of your Xbox to repair it in case of failure

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What if you contact Microsoft?

Although the above step may be necessary in some cases, our advice is that you go directly to the person in charge to fix your console. Which is none other than Microsoft itself. So to contact their support page and open an incident, it is best to do what we indicate a little further down.

Xbox Series X.


Needless to say, before resorting to technical service, it is advisable to verify that the console’s operating problems are not due to any error derived, for example, from the Smart TV itself, or from the power, HDMI and network cables, which could be damaged and masquerade as a bug apparently caused by the console’s hardware.

Write down these data before requesting support

If you are absolutely certain that all the fault lies with some component that has failed within the machine, then yes, you have to contact (preferably) Microsoft. And what do we need to have before we get down to work? Well, note:

  • Know the ID with which we access to the Xbox to sign in, that is, the combination of email and password (plus two-step verification if you have it activated).
  • serial number of the console, which we can know in two different ways:
    • Looking at the sticker that your Xbox has attached to the back.
    • Accessing the menu within the console in Profile & System > Settings > System > Console Information.

It goes without saying that if the problem with your console is that it does not turn on, you will necessarily only be able to find out that serial number by looking at the sticker, but if this is not the case, remember that this way you also have the possibility of finding it.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that the entire repair process necessarily requires we have the console linked through its serial number on our Microsoft ID. Haven’t you done it yet? You can do it now from here.

With that information, how do we request assistance?

We already have these two data in hand, so it’s time to go to the Microsoft support page that, at least from personal experience, it has worked quickly and effectively with other devices that we have sent to repair. The step by step will be as follows:

  • First we request the repair service.
  • Microsoft then verifies that we are under warranty and starts the repair process.
  • As a general rule, Microsoft tells us where we should deliver the package with the Xbox to send it to its support service.
  • Once the console is received, it evaluates the type of repair necessary and confirms that the guarantee covers this work.
  • About seven days after the Xbox is shipped, it returns (repaired) to the delivery address set by the user.

To request this service, we must access the following page and follow the steps indicated:

  • Log in with your Microsoft ID used on the Xbox.
  • Choose the console you want to repair (in case you have more than one).
  • Verify that it is still under warranty.
  • Pull down the info window until you see the model and serial number details.

Xbox warranty.

  • click on Information and support.
  • You will go to another screen with more information about your console, such as OS compilation, etc.

Xbox warranty.

  • Now yes, you will see the possibility to start the repair process by clicking on start order.

Now you just have to follow the instructions that Microsoft will give you when it comes to how to deliver the console to the carrier, where and until what is the deadline (these orders are normally valid for one month) to receive assistance. Remember that it will be on that same page of devices linked to your ID where you can track the entire process, day by day, to know exactly where the Xbox is and if you have a long or short wait before receiving it back.

In any case, even if your console is under warranty, do you know what assumptions are excluded? Behold.

What scenarios are not covered by the Microsoft warranty?

As with all warranty services, there are a number of assumptions that we cannot take advantage of and that, on many occasions, are the ones that cause conflicts between users and companies. It is for these cases that the guarantees that we supposedly accept exist but that we have already told you that, if they do not comply with the law, they are completely null and void and therefore cannot be applied.

Even so, here we leave you all those scenarios in which Microsoft washes its hands, in a general way, with its products [sic]:

  • Damages caused by use with products, applications or services not manufactured, licensed or provided by Microsoft (including, for example, games and accessories not manufactured or licensed by Microsoft and “pirated” games).
  • Damage caused by any external cause (including, for example, drops, exposure to liquids, or use with inadequate ventilation).
  • Damage caused by use not in accordance with the user manual or any other instructions provided by Microsoft.
  • Damage caused by repairs or modifications performed by someone other than Microsoft or a Microsoft authorized service provider.
  • Scratches, dents, other cosmetic damage or reasonably foreseeable damage as a result of normal wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by hacking, cracking, viruses and other malware, or unauthorized access to services, accounts, computer systems or networks or Microsoft products in which its software or hardware has been modified to alter its functionality or capabilities through the use of code malicious, malware, bots, worms, Trojans, backdoors, security vulnerabilities, cheat sheets, fraud, hacks, hidden diagnostics, or other mechanisms [destinados a]:
    • Disable security or content protection mechanisms
    • Give the user an unfair advantage or degrade the experience of other users in online games
    • Mislead or defraud Microsoft or others or that may harm the product or our systems.

IT IS IMPORTANT to remember that despite having the console warranty in force, you will not know if Microsoft will add any of the assumptions that you have just above for not offering you a free service until the machine reaches them and they have it in their hands. In these cases, If the price that they indicate to fix it is too high, or you do not agree, you can request that it be returned to you as it was.

Xbox Series X.


What if my Xbox is not under warranty?

The official Microsoft warranty is two years from the date of purchase, so when you pick it up from the store, even if you’re impatient to try it out, The first thing is to register it in your ID and check on the device page that everything is OK, as it appears in the screenshots that we leave you above where the exact date on which that coverage period ends is reflected.

If your Xbox breaks down and you want to have it fixed, you have two options: either you repair it at an unauthorized Microsoft service, which will probably cost you cheaper but does not offer you the certification that original parts have been used in the process; or send it to Microsoft, which will charge you a fixed price per type of console or accessory.

What are the prices outside the guarantee?

Whether it’s because the two-year warranty period has ended or because Microsoft (unilaterally) decides that your Xbox is not eligible for those benefits of its coverage, you should take into account the prices it has right now to each of the models that are still officially on sale. In some cases it represents a considerable expense although, yes, quite far from the cost of sale that we can find in stores.

Here are the prices for our country:

Spain (EUR)
Xbox Series S 197.11
xbox series x 296.15
Elite 2 Wireless Controller 98.07
xbox one s 177.33
xbox onex 246.66
Xbox Wireless Headset Ear Pad Replacements 9.92

In the case of other Spanish-speaking territories, the prices would be as follows:

Country or region/product currency/price
Xbox Series S 22,751.27
xbox series x 34,184.07
Elite 2 Wireless Controller 11,318.46
xbox one s 20,464.73
xbox onex 28,467.67
Xbox Wireless Headset Ear Pad Replacements 1,143.33
Xbox Series S 173,793
xbox series x 261,126
Elite 2 Wireless Controller 86.46
xbox one s 156,326
xbox onex 217,459
Xbox Wireless Headset Ear Pad Replacements 8,733
Xbox Series S 886,265
xbox series x 1,331,624
Elite 2 Wireless Controller 440,906
xbox one s 797,193
xbox onex 1,108,945
Xbox Wireless Headset Ear Pad Replacements 44,536
Xbox Series S 4,586.47
xbox series x 6,891.21
Elite 2 Wireless Controller 2,281.72
xbox one s 4,125.54
xbox onex 5,738.87
Xbox Wireless Headset Ear Pad Replacements 230.49
Xbox Series S 199.00
xbox series x 299.00
Elite 2 Wireless Controller 99.00
xbox one s 179.00
xbox onex 249.00
Xbox Wireless Headset Ear Pad Replacements 10.00

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