How To Recover Colornote Notes

The maximum number of Colornote users get confused about whether they can retrieve their notes if they change, lose or reset their device. The answer is yes! How is it possible? This question may come to your mind, right?

Well, Colornote provides online backup and sync cloud service. Consequently, your notes will be encrypted before uploading with standard AES encryption that banks usually use to secure customers’ data. Besides that, you won’t be allowed to send any of your notes to the server without signing in.

Because of that, if you lose or change your device, you can quickly get back your previous notes on your new device just by signing in with a Gmail account. However, we’ll show you how to recover Colornote notes with ease in this write-up. So, stay with us & keep reading.

How To Recover Colornote Note

How To Recover Colornote Notes

There are two different methods that you can follow to restore your Colornote note. The first one is using the previous device. This method is applicable for the users who have changed their device but still have the previous one.  The second method is recovering notes without the help of the previous device. If you lost your device and would like to get back your notes from Colornote, you can follow the method.

Recover Colornote Note to a New Device  [If You Have The Previous One]

Have you changed your device & would like to get the saved Colornote notes back to your new device, then follow the steps below.

Step-1: If you would like to retrieve your Colornote notes in a new device like Pc, you have to  download colornote for pc first.

Step-2: Open Colornote, and move to the device backup screen on your old device by following the order.

[Menu>Backup>Device] or [Settings>Backup]

Step-3: Now press on the “Backup Notes” option and set a password, then tap on the “Done” option to back up notes manually. 

Step-4: Open the Colornote app on your new device; go to the backup option by following the below directory.

[Menu>Backup> Device]

Step-5: Select the file you want to restore in the backup file list.

Step-6: Tap on the “Restore” option, and type the password you set when the backup file was created on your previous device.

Recover Colornote Notes [If You Don’t Have the Previous Device]

Keep in mind that the notes should be stored in its cloud; if you save notes using your Gmail account, you can restore them on your new device without confronting any difficulties. Check out the below steps to get back your notes from the Colornote.

Step-1: Open the Colornote app, click on the “Menu” option from the above right corner. 

Step-2: Press on the “Backup” option below & then select “Device.”

Step-3: Choose the file you want to restore in the backup list.

Step-4: Press on the “Restore” option and the entire password if it requires.

How To Recover Deleted Colornote Notes

If your notes get deleted anyhow, don’t get frustrated, as it is possible to recover them. Follow the below instructions.

Step-1: Click on the “Three Vertical Line” from the left side above

Step-2: Press on the “Trash Can” option.

Step-3: Choose a file that you want to restore.

Step-4: Tap on the “Restore” button.

Your deleted notes will be restored instantly.

The Overview of The Colornote App

Colornote App

Colornote is an incredible notepad app that was released in 2009. This application is available on both Google Play Store & Apple App Store. More than 90 million people downloaded it from its release date to now. It contains an overall 4.9 rating out of 5 in the Google Play Store, proving its popularity among users. This app got its last update on 13th October 2021.

Colornote App’s Feature

The Colornote app has some outstanding features that will tempt anyone to use the app. Let’s see some of its eye-catching features that we have demonstrated below.

1.  Taking Notes

Text notes can be created for textual information and checklists, ranging from to-do lists to shopping lists, in the Colornote app.

2.  Color-Coding

To keep your notes more organized, you can use its color-coding feature. You can even name a color group and check how many notes have been accumulated in a color group.

3.  Pin Sticky Notes

The notes which are essential to you can be put on your home screen. As a result, you won’t miss any notes, especially those crucial to you.

4.  Setting a Reminder

Suppose you have taken note of the date of attending a wedding ceremony, but unfortunately, you forget. How would you feel then? To get rid of the situation, you can take note of the Colornote to set a reminder. 

5.  Manage Schedule With Calendar

It is now simple to organize your schedule by taking notes on the calendar only in the Colornote app. You’ll also be reminded of a note on the date that has been listed.

6.  Locking Notes

You can lock your personal and vital notes by setting a password. Thus, none will be able to see your notes without your permission. Even you can’t see those notes if you forget the password.

7.  Backing Up Notes

Colornote provides both online and device backup features. That’s why, even if you lose your device, you’ll be up to get back your notes on the new device.

8.  Share Notes

You can directly share your notes with your friends and family using different tools such as SMS, MMS, Email, Messenger, SNS, & so on.

9.  Searching for Notes

Using keywords, you can search for a note that will save your time finding a particular note you are looking for.

Final Thought

Colornote is an excellent free-note-taking app with some incredible features. It will make your day-to-day life more manageable by reminding you of your daily schedule. However, Colornote has a backup option that enables you to get your notes back if your device is lost or changed. In that case, to retrieve your data, you just need to follow some simple steps that we have mentioned above. You can either recover notes with the help of your previous device or without it. So, go for one that is convenient for you. You can recover your deleted notes from the app, which is significant.

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