How to recover photos in iCloud?

Recover photos in iCloud

If you have deleted photos from your iPhone by mistake and want to know how to recover photos in iCloud, We recommend that you read the post that we have prepared for you on this occasion.

In general, with the help of iCloud you can restore your photos using various methods. That way, you won’t have to worry in case you have deleted a file by mistake and don’t know how to recover it.

Beyond recovering photos, iCloud will allow you restore all kinds of files that you have on your iPhone. In this post we will tell you what you must do to successfully restore your photos.

Recover iCloud photos with backup

The first method that you can use to restore your iPhone photos will be by restoring the backup. You may lose more photos or other files when you restore your device from an incorrect iCloud backup.

However, you can make sure that this backup contains the photographs you require along with current device data. What you should do is:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, tap on “Settings”, “Settings”, “General”, “Reset”, “Erase content and settings”, “Enter the code that appears”.
  • Follow the setup prompts. On the “Apps and Data” page, select the option that indicates the message “Restore with iCloud Backup«.
  • Several options will appear on the screen. You will only have to select the iCloud backup that contains the photos you need to recover.

Recover iCloud Photos with Selective Copy

Something you should keep in mind is that the method explained above applies to new iPhone models, or for those Apple mobiles that need a reset of all content and basic settings.

This is because that technique will delete all data in conjunction with the settings, which means you won’t be able to see what the backup contains. For that reason, we will teach you a second alternative on how to recover photos in iCloud with a copy selectively.

iCloud Photos Restoration

To achieve this, you will need a specific tool, and one of the best is PhoneRescue for the Apple operating system. You can download it at the following link. With the help of this program you will have advantages such as the following:

  • You will be able to view the data from both your iCloud and iTunes backups, and you can even select the data you want to restore to either your iPhone or computer.
  • Even without backup, you can use the program to scan your iPhone and recover lost data directly from that device.
  • You will be able to recover more than 20 types of data, such as photos, contacts, songs, notes, etc.
  • When you perform a scan to recover files, the program allows you to preview it so you can choose what you really need.
  • To recover files, you only need to have your Apple ID account and password on hand.
  • You can recover the photos you need from iCloud on phones like iPhone 5 to iPhone 13.

If you want to use this method, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Download and install PhoneRescue on your computer.
  • Then select the option that says “Restore from iCloud» and click on “Continue”.
  • Sign in using your iCloud account details.
  • Click on the option «Backup«.
  • Select the backup where the photos to be recovered are and click on the option «Discharge«.
  • Choose “Photos” and then click “OK”.
  • To finish, click on the button that says “Continue”.

On the next page you can choose the photos to recover one by one. Also, once you decide what they are, you can download them to your Mac computer.

Recover iCloud photos without computer

If you have activated the function to sync photos with iCloud on your Apple mobile, you can make your photos in iCloud are reflected on your iPhone with the help of the steps explained below:

How to restore iCloud photos

  • Go to “Settings” and tap on your account name.
  • Then go to “iCloud”, “Photos”.
  • Proceed to activate the options and wait for the synchronization process to finish.

If you want to selectively restore multiple photos from “Photos” or download each photo to your computer, you can take advantage of the features that PhoneRescue grants you

Recover iCloud photos online without iPhone

Usually, when photos are deleted from any Apple device with “Photos” library enabled, the photos will be removed from iCloud online due to to an automatic synchronization function.

However, there are iOS users who upload photos to iCloud to keep them saved without enabling the “Photos” library iCloud on their computers. To recover these photos, you will need to:

  • Enter and proceed to log in with your data.
  • Click on the “Photos” logo and view and choose the photos to restore.
  • Finally, click on the “Download” button, located at the top.

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