How to remove inconvenient information from my company in Google

One thing is clear: we all have a past. Also, of course, companies. And sometimes, it ends up being published on the internet. Information, data… a “stain” that remains prostrate in Google search results and that, perhaps, does not do us any good. The reputation and image of our brand is at stake and we want them to be pristine. Or at least knowing that we can delete something from our company on the server of serversbut how to carry it out?

It is clear that there are millions and millions of data on the internet, but also that there is a lot of free access information and perhaps one of them is something we want to hide. Tranquility! If you have seen something that compromises you, any position in your organization or the company itself, Google has a system that allows you to appeal for certain search results to disappear. It is not easy, a series of requirements must be met, but it is not impossible either.

Google allows you to easily delete personal identification information published in an erroneous way -or not-, outdated information or for legal reasons, and even explicit images of people. And obviously also images of minors, pornographic results with our name or non-consensual intimate images, among other types of information. Not so, eye, Google reviews. The comments about our companies, real or not, often bring them upside down because anyone can write them simply for harming the brand.

What requirements must be met for Google to delete information?

Once we have identified what information about our company we want not to appear in Google results, we must justify why.. There are several specific requirements such as intellectual property, that is, that the information that appears from us or from our company refers to a counterfeit, registered trademark or violates copyright. It is essential to use the legal problem resolution form to request such removal.

It is also possible that a change has been made to an active page. For this, you do not need to fill out any form, since that Google crawls web pages every day and updates its search results to reflect any changes. In this case you would not have to do anything.

Before requesting that information that you believe is inappropriate be removed, it is important that you have all this information identified to make it easy for Google and really erase what is bothering you. Or what is the same: the url of the Google page where said information appears to be deleted, the url of the web where the content is located, screenshot, the query terms that appear in the content of Google Search , contact details and if applicable, the name of the person whose content you want to remove. Once all the necessary information has been collected, you can use Google’s appeal form to submit a removal request.

How long does it take to delete the information?

This is an important point. We have proceeded to collect the information and carry out the management and we want the inconvenient information to disappear from Google but watch out! patience. Since once the request is sent, you will receive a confirmation email and later a team randomly assigned to your case will review the information sent. If the information you have provided is sufficient, Google will remove the content from your search results within a short period of time., but if there isn’t enough information to complete the request, Google will notify you and provide a brief explanation of why it can’t fulfill the request. We recommend that if you have additional material that can help you in your application, you send it again.

Google doesn’t provide an estimate of how long it will take to remove the content if it ultimately approves the request. This depends on the nature of the request and can take anywhere from a few days to weeks. Patience. In fact, even if Google approves the request, there’s a chance that the content you want removed will still appear in search results. Also, It is important to keep one thing in mind: Google is a search engine, the first step you should do is to contact the website where the information appears so that it can, please, remove it.

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