How to reset and re-pair your Fire TV Stick remote

The Fire TV Sticks are, at the moment, the only alternative we have to enjoy the ecosystem that Amazon puts in our hands to make an old smart TV smart without apps or anything since, for the moment, its range of TVs is still reserved for other marketsAnd not exactly Spanish. So while we wait we are going to solve those incidents that occur from time to time due to the remote control of the Fire TV Stick.

Fire TV 4K Max remote control

Problems with the remote control?

Although it is not a device that fails too much, from time to time serious errors can occur while using the Fire TV Stick. For example, that the command does not respond to us and that it is impossible to revive it. A first measure that we can do is to turn off the HDMI key to see if it comes back to itself, but if it persists, then we have to do something much more aggressive.

Those two big incidents can either be that the remote control has become unpaired, that is, it has lost its link with the Fire TV Stick that we bought, or the hang only affects the remote, in such a way that it is necessary to restart it to return it to a fully active state. So we are going to explain how to carry out either of the two processes that begin with a lesson that we cannot miss: learn which are the critical buttons to perform the tasks that we are going to explain to you.

Remote Button Map

Of all the buttons that you can see on the remote control of your Fire TV Stick, we are going to keep only four, which are:

Fire TV Stick controller.

  1. Home (or Home): It is the one that you can see in the central part and that has a little icon of a house.
  2. Left Cursor: of the wheel that contains the buttons of the four possible directions, we are only interested in the one that points to the left.
  3. Return: To those of you who have an Android mobile, it will sound familiar, because it is the little arrow that seems to go back where it came from. Pay attention to her.
  4. Options: with several horizontal white lines, that button will be essential to perform certain actions.

Let’s do it!

With all the above learned, all that remains is for us to take the remote control and complete the tasks according to the problem that we are suffering from the remote control. It is important to say that sometimes the symptoms of the two faults will seem identical to you, so it is worth proceeding with any of them to verify which one works for you. It sounds convoluted, but it is so.

How to reset the Fire TV Stick controller

Before we decide to take more expeditious special measures such as re-pairing the remote with the Fire TV Stick, it is best try something faster first and that affects only the remote itself. So we are going to explain how to do a reset to try to fix that temporary crash in which it is mired.

To carry it out, you just have to do the following on the Fire TV Stick with Alexa integrated remote:

  • Unplug the Fire TV Stick and wait a minute.
  • Next, hold down the left cursor, the Menu cursor and Back all at the same time. It is important that you do not press them in stages, or that any of them come loose during the reset process. So before you do, try to see how safely you can place your fingers so there are no mistakes.

In the case of the 4K model of the same Fire TV Stick, the procedure is significantly different:

  • We repeat the same process as before, only that the three buttons hold down at the same time for 12 seconds.
  • We release them and wait another five seconds.
  • Now we remove the batteries from the remote control.
  • We turn on the Fire TV Stick 4K and wait another minute.
  • We put the batteries back into the remote and click on the Home button. The LED indicator that comes with it should flash blue to confirm that the whole process has worked and the control is communicating with the HDMI dongle.

It is important to say that the model with Alexa Voice Remote Lite does not have that LED lightso identifying that everything works will be a matter of seeing that we can now navigate correctly through the menus.

Fire TV Stick controller.

Re-pair the controller with your Fire TV Stick

Now, the other problem that can assail us is that, for unknown reasons, the remote seems to work when pressing the buttons (the LED lights up) but the menus of the Fire TV Stick do not respond. Then, it is possible that the remote has lost the binding with the HDMI key, so it’s time to go through the process of pairing the two devices again. To get it you must:

  • Turn on the TV with the Fire TV Stick’s HDMI input selected.
  • Stand less than three meters away.
  • Press the Home button on the controller for 10 seconds continuously.
  • From that moment on, the remote’s LED light should flash, which will cause a message on the TV screen that the whole process has worked without problems.
  • The remote is re-paired with your original Fire TV Stick.

And what happens if that method doesn’t work? Well, in that case, we will have to see if the problem is somewhere else, for example in the batteries, that the same are running out and have no power to maintain the remote’s minimal functions.

If by changing them the thing remains the same, then we recommend restarting (or resetting) the remote control. Which we explain a little above step by step.

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