How to reset the Start menu to the left on Windows 11?

After having kept it in the same place for decades, Microsoft decided to change the location of its Start menu to Windows 11. It is now centered. If you want to change this detail, follow the guide.

Windows 11 arrives with many new features and design. One of the most visible is the new location of the Start menu. Historically placed in the lower left corner of the screen, this menu moved with Windows 11 to be found in the center of the taskbar.

If you want to put it back in the left corner, here’s how.

How to reset the Start menu to the left in Windows 11

To find your good old habits on Windows 11, nothing very complicated.

  • Done right click on the taskbar
  • Click on Taskbar settings
  • Expand the menu Behavior of the taskbar
  • At the entrance Aligning the taskbar, choose Left in the drop-down menu

Your Start menu should immediately shift to the left of your screen. In 4 clicks, you will therefore find the user interface to which you are used, without losing any functionality, that goes without saying.

How to put the Start menu back on the left on Windows 11 // Source: Screenshot

Customize your Start menu on Windows 11

If you want to change the contents of the Start menu itself, it’s not much more complicated.

  • Open the app Settings
  • Go to the menu Customization (left pane)
  • Choose section To start up

Among other things, you can disable Windows “recommendations”, these shortcuts to recently used files. It is also possible to add shortcuts to local folders.

If you want to remove an app pinned to the Start menu, just right-click on the icon that appears and choose Detach from Start menu. To pin one, go to the menu All applications, right click on the desired software, then click Pin to Start menu.

Customize your taskbar on Windows 11

As long as you are in the personalization settings, you can easily change other features of the taskbar if you want. To do so, go to Settings, Customization, then Taskbar.

The menu Taskbar elements allows you to remove some tools installed there by default. For example, you can remove the search button, widget menu, or Microsoft Teams icon.

It is also possible to display, or not, certain elements present on the right of the taskbar, such as the shortcut to a virtual keyboard or input via stylus. These parameters are accessible in the menu Taskbar Corner Icons.

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