How To Search For People On The Internet

Many people wonder how to search for people online. Cyberbullying aside, there are many legitimate reasons to search for someone online. Searching for a job candidate, finding missing persons, finding distant relatives or former classmates, among others.

Can A Person Be Found On The Internet?

Because of the way people leave digital traces online, finding someone on the Internet is relatively easy. Often it is enough to simply enter their name in search engines such as Google, press the Enter key, and do a little vertical scrolling with the mouse until you find a web page where you can access a variety of information of all kinds. LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter are some of the first to appear. This is perfectly understandable.

On other occasions, unread clauses are signed, authorizing service companies to sell the information to third parties. This data market has given rise to websites specialized in searching for people, as well as analyzing all kinds of data about them. This market has been criticized, in part, due to the lack of reliability of the information purchased.

How To Search For People On Social Networks

Most social networks incorporate their own search engines, facilitating the task of searching for people. In addition, this search bar usually appears visibly at the top of the web. In the case of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or other platforms, it is not particularly hidden or discreet: it is clearly identifiable and leaves no room for doubt about its use.

If you want to search for a person on any of these social networks, all you need to do is enter their name and press the Enter key. The social network will then provide a rather long list of people with the same name or surname. In some cases, it is also possible to search by city, job position and even interests.

Searching for people on Twitter

Once a name is typed into the Twitter search engine and the Enter key is pressed, a panel is displayed to segment by the categories ‘Featured’, ‘Most Recent’, ‘People’, ‘Photos’ and ‘Videos’. In the people category, a list of accounts with the searched name will appear.

Searching for people on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s search engine also includes the ‘People’ category, as well as the ability to segment by connections, location, or current company. And it even supports searching by skills, which can be done by typing in the search bar next to the name.

Search for people on Facebook

The Facebook search engine is particularly useful if you’re looking for a people finder alternative. In the side panel that pops up when you do a search, you can see that category along with others such as ‘Posts’ or ‘Marketplace’. In addition, it allows you to segment by ‘Friends of friends’, city, education, or work, among others.

Search for people on Instagram

The Instagram search engine is much more limited than the previous ones, although it helps to find people who match the search name. Of course, the search bar will only show a few options and there is no possibility of filtering. In addition, it is stricter with matches.

How To Search For People On Google

Sometimes the easiest thing is the easiest thing. Enter Google, type a name and known data, and hit the Enter key to start the search. It’s not particularly effective, maybe not even efficient, but Google is one of the best search engines in the world.

If you are on the web, it is probably possible to locate you with this tool, even if you have to turn the page many times. It will take time, but if the goal is to find someone, it is certainly one of the most valid methods.

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