How to secure the banking app on mobile

There are growing cases of criminals who, by stealing a smartphone, are able to use the victim’s bank app, many causing damage infinitely greater than the value of the device itself. There are purchases, loans, payments, transfers…

In parallel with insecurity, many people are also interested in knowing how to protect their banking apps or even hide them among other apps on their smartphone so they don’t run this risk.

THE TecMasters separated some tips that for secure your mobile banking app.

1. How to hide your bank app

What is not seen, is not remembered. Hiding banking and financial services apps on your smartphone can be a form of protection. iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, allows the user to leave apps saved only in the library, without displaying them on the main screens. It makes access difficult. But on both iPhone and Android, several third-party apps offer solutions to hide other apps on the phone and make access difficult. You buy time…

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2. Extra email to recover password

One of the ways to access services that require a password on your cell phone is using the e-mail address registered on your device. When saying that you “forgot your password” for some app or service, normally, a message to reset your password is sent to this address. That’s how crooks do it, re-enter a new password.

Tip: to prevent this from happening, the way out is – in the bank app – to register a secondary email address, which is not logged in on the cell phone, for password recovery. So, if that’s the case, you can do it on a computer or other device, for example.

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3. Password & PIN

Always use a password protection on your mobile home screen. More than that, also in the device settings, put the option to automatically lock the display as soon as possible – in most cases, 30 seconds or 1 minute. Remember, a strong password: 1234 is not protection at all.

Also activate your SIM card PIN. cell. The 4 or 6 digit password prevents the criminal from using your phone’s SIM card in another device. For that, he would have to know the PIN number of the card to unlock the phone or to make any calls and receive SMS messages.

How to secure the mobile banking app

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4. Do not save cards on mobile

It is very practical to leave your credit card data saved on your cell phone to facilitate recurring purchases in certain apps – such as food delivery, for example. But in case of theft, all this “ease and practicality” will be used to possibly cause you more damage. It is best to use a virtual and temporary card – preferably with a low limit – for these types of applications.

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5. Don’t save passwords!

Another practical but dangerous thing is to save your passwords on your cell phone. Whether in the applications themselves, for access only with biometrics – yes, criminals also know how to circumvent this technology and even disable it if necessary – but also don’t leave your passwords “written down” in notebooks, emails, messages WhatsApp or anywhere else on the smartphone. Trust me, finding her will be easier than you think.

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