How to select the wand and house that you like the most in Hogwarts Legacy

After years of waiting, the first great game inspired by the Harry Potter saga has finally arrived on consoles (and PC), yes, telling us a completely unprecedented story that does not appear in the books or in the Warner movies themselves. Hogwarts Legacy is, for many gamersthe first great opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the universe created by the great British writer JK Rowling.

Welcome to the Magic World!

Finally, thanks to Hogwarts Legacy, we can live an immersive experience set in the magical world as we had always dreamed. From playing Quidditch to interacting with the fauna of the Forbidden Forest including, of course, the typical Hogwarts student routines that will allow us to attend class or roam freely around the castle.

However, to do all of the above you will need two essential elements in this magical universe: belonging to one of the four houses and having a magic wand. That is why this time we are going to tell you how to get into your favorite house and how to get hold of the weapon that will make your way through spells in the game.

Come on… without further ado, let the magic begin. Action Tips!

Choose wand and the house you want

Before we begin, we warn you that we are going to discover some small SPOILERS from the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy, so if you don’t want to know anything at all you are warned.

First, starting in chronological order within the game, we’ll talk about the wand. As in the movies and novels, before the school year begins, students must go to Diagon Alley for school supplies, and within that package the wand is found.

Hogwarts Legacy.

Among the stores you will have to go to is Ollivander’s, where The best wands in the entire wizarding world are for sale.. There, once you access it, you can create your wand as you like, inspiring it in any of the ones you have already seen in the movies or read in the novels. You will have a lot of freedom so spend all the time you need.

Once past the houses and you end up in Diagon Alley, the trip to Hogwarts will begin. Once we arrive at the castle and they welcome us, the classic Sorting Hat ceremony will begin. It will be here where you will choose which house to belong to. Unlike the movies and books, in the game the Sorting Hat will take into account what you want to be.

Hogwarts Legacy.

First of all, it will ask you a first question that does not matter what you answer. However, it is in the second where your fate is decided. Next we leave you what you must answer according to the house to which you want to belong:

  • if you answer Audacityyou will belong to gryffindor.
  • if you answer Ambitionyou will belong to slytherins.
  • if you answer Curiosityyou will belong to ravenclaw.
  • if you answer Loyaltyyou will belong to Hufflepuff.

Once you have confirmed that you are sure that you want to belong to that house, there will not be much difference in the game, beyond the common room (obviously) and some other dialogue. In addition, you will receive a trophy when you choose a house.

And you? What house do you want to be?

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