How to send photos by WhatsApp without losing quality

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WhatsApp has never been characterized as a platform that take special care of the quality of the images. In fact, he mistreats them quite a bit. To some extent it can be understood that it does it so that sending images is a fast process and that it does not consume a lot of mobile data, however, it should also give the user the option of being able to select whether to compress an image or not before sharing it.

On Telegram, we don’t have that problem, since, from the application itself, we can select if we want to compress the images or send them in the original resolution, an option that, for now, does not seem to be in the future plans of Meta, as the company that manages the network is now called social Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus …

Fortunately, for this problem, we have at our disposal different solutions, although they are not as intuitive as those offered by Telegram. If you want to know cHow to send photos by WhatsApp without losing quality, I invite you to keep reading.

Share images as files

If we do not want to use other applications to share images in their original resolution, the solution that WhatsApp offers us is Share the images and videos as if they were files.

Yes, WhatsApp not only allows us to share images and videos, but also allows us to share any type of files, although the process is very unintuitive.

For share images by WhatsApp from the iPhone without losing quality, we must perform the following steps:

share WhatsApp photos without losing quality iphone

  • The first thing we must do is select all the images that we want to share from the Photos application and save them in the Files app.

share WhatsApp photos without losing quality iphone

  • Next, we go to WhatsApp, click on the clip and, instead of selecting Photo, we select Document.
  • Next, we go to the folder where we have stored our images, we select them and click on Open.

We can also share images by WhatsApp from our Mac without losing quality, through the steps that I show you below:

share whastapp photos without losing quality on Mac

  • First of all, let’s visit and we link our WhatsApp on our iPhone with the web.
  • Next, click on the button To attach and click on Document.
  • Next, we go to the directory where the photographs and select them.

share whastapp photos without losing quality on Mac

If we have them stored in Photos, in the right column, in the section Multimedia, we select Photos so that all the content stored in the application is displayed, as we can see in the image above.

Share a link with the images

share WhatsApp photos without losing quality iphone

One of the easiest methods if you use any of the different cloud storage platforms to store a copy of your photos such as iCloud, Google Photos, Amazon Photos, OneDrive, Dropbox is share the images through a link.

All cloud storage platforms allow us to select images and videos to share with a link. By clicking on this link, the recipients can access the shared content without having to be subscribers of the platform used.

To share images through a cloud storage platform, we must open the application, select images that we want to share without loss of quality, click on the button Share and finally in Create link.

From iCloud

Share WhatsApp photos from iCloud

If we have hired cloud storage space with Apple, we can directly share a link of the images from the Photos application, a link that we can create directly from the application available on iOS or in the application available on macOS.

Once the link has been generated, this will be stored in the clipboard of our device. Finally, we must share that link by pasting it in a WhatsApp message.

By clicking on that link, Anyone can access these images and / or videos that we have previously selected. To download them, they just have to click on the Download button. The included images and videos will be available for the next 30 days.

From iCloud with Mail Drop

Share images with Mail Drop

Apple introduced a new feature that allows users to share large files, using their email platform, that is, through our iCloud account.

The process is as simple as creating an email and adding all the images as attachments. By clicking on the send button, instead of sending them to the recipient, Apple will upload them to the cloud and will create a link to iCloud from where users can download all the files we want to share.

All the files are available for 30 days. By clicking on this link, we can see and download all the images in their original resolution.

This function also available from a Mac using the @ account. This function is not available in any other email platform, so you should be careful when using this function using the iCloud account as the sender.

The process for sharing images through this method, is slow, since we have to wait for the images to be uploaded to the server, a process that may take more or less time depending on the new connection speed.

With WeTransfer


Who says WeTransfer says any other available platform and internet for share large files, files that we cannot email.

Although this type of platform is not oriented to send images, but to share large documents and videoswe can easily use it to send multiple photos in their original resolution.

By uploading the images to WeTransfer and clicking on the send button, the platform will create a url, URL that we must share with the people to whom we want to send the images in their original resolution.

Wetransfer for macOS

Depending on whether we use the free or paid version, the maximum time that the link will be available may vary. The free version allows us send files with a maximum of 2 GB, files that are available for 7 days.

WeTransfer is available for iOS, requires at least version 14 and allows us to share any type of file that we have stored on our device, including all the content that we have created with the camera of our iPhone or iPad.

WeTransfer (AppStore Link)

Is also available for macOS as an application in the upper menu bar, an application that allows us to upload files to the sharing platform without having to access its website. This application requires macOS 10.12. If your computer is not supported, you can share the images through your website.

WeTransfer: menu bar transfers (AppStore Link)

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