How to set up your own alarm system at home

What to look for when buying a home alarm kit?

If you do a simple search on Amazon you will find a lot of products whose objective is the home security. There are very varied devices, and prices will vary depending on our needs. These are some of the details to keep in mind before you jump into buying one of these kits.

System Assembly and Difficulty

Assembling an alarm kit is generally not a fairly complicated operation, but you need to have the right knowledge to do it correctly. If you do not have much experience in this field, do not go for very complex products and focus on those that do the basic and essential.

Of course, ask a friend or relative for help if you see fit. Watch videos online before you get down to business and only buy the kit if you think you can do it. Otherwise, it will compensate you more to hire a security company than those of a lifetime. However, in this article we are only going to recommend products that are easy to install and of which you will find information on the network in a simple way.

Kit Features

Each kit is different and will have its own tools to detect intruders. Think about the vulnerabilities that your home has and, from there, look for a kit that suits your needs or that can be expanded to cover all corners.

For example, if you have a good armored door with a lock anti-bumpingbut you live in a first floor and you are afraid that thieves will enter through the windows or through the interior patio of your house, look for a product with which you can monitor your windowsfor example, with contact sensors.

Peripherals and expandability

The simplest kits will have enough to install the alarm kit and receive notifications on our mobile, but other more advanced ones allow the installation to be scaled by adding different sensors, cameras and notification systems. The ideal is to buy an alarm kit that has its own connectivity via app. Of course, we will look for those products that work with batteries. In this way, if the electricity is cut off, the alarm will continue to work.

The best smart alarms for your home

These are the best kits that you can currently find to easily install in your home.

Amazon Ring Alarm

amazon ring alarm

Without a doubt, one of the most complete and customizable systems on the current scene. the starter kit part of about 179 euros and contains everything you need to set up your own home security system.

The Ring Alarm is made up of the Base stationwhich is the device to which all peripherals are to be connected, and a keyboard very aesthetic with which we will introduce the code to deactivate the alarm. It also has a motion sensora contact sensor that will detect when a door or window is opened and a range extender.

There are several pre-designed kits with a camera, and multiple sensors of different types. The installation of this equipment is quite simple, and if you already have an Echo ecosystem with Alexa at home, the Ring Alarm is probably the best alternative that we are going to show you in this post.

Eufy Smart Home Set

eufy security alarm

Eufy’s starter kit costs exactly the same as Amazon’s, and is fairly similar in both number of parts and features.

This intelligent security system also has its own switchboard with keyboard with two contact sensors Y one of motion. This kit is also interesting, as it is compatible with eufyCam cameras, which are surveillance cameras with good ratings and also very easy to install. We will be able to scale the system as much as we need with its different components and adjust the sensitivity of each of them thanks to the Eufy Security app.

If you are worried about autonomy of the sensors, the brand guarantees that they have the capacity to function for 2 years on a single chargewhile the keyboard will have to recharge it every 6 months.

If you are interested in getting the security camera as well, you can add it to the set without problems. Here is the model for you to add to your system in case you are interested:

Somfy Home Alarm

somfy alarm system

Somfy kits are somewhat less affordable, but they are also very complete. The Somfy Home Alarm basic kit costs around 250 euros. Includes a detection point for doors and windowsa motion sensor compatible with pets, a remote control (smart key), the switchboard and the siren. In this case, Somfy does not have a keyboardbut the alarm is stopped by the smart keythe Key Fob, which we will always carry with us on our keychain.

There are several different kits that integrate several devices that we compare or not depending on the needs we have. There are kits focused on window protection with more such sensors and others that are designed for camera surveillance. Smart keys can be purchased and programmed so that each member of the household has their own, and the system is fully compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and the Tahoma ecosystem by Somfy.

This post includes affiliate links and The Output could receive a commission for them (without affecting the price for which you buy, of course). Even so, the decision to include them has been made freely, under editorial criteria and without responding to any type of request by the brands mentioned.

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