How to share TikTok videos on WhatsApp

if you usually share TikTok videos on WhatsApp You already know it’s a really easy thing to do, but since not everyone uses TikTok and instead almost everyone uses WhatsApp, it’s worth not being carried away by inertia and doing it right. Because there is a way to do it right… for those who use WhatsApp, but not TikTok, it is worth repeating.

In fact, TikTok is an increasingly popular platform and it is likely that much of what is shared is done behind closed doors, which is the most comfortable way. However, WhatsApp is still the king of messaging and chat groups and the mix of nonsense videos, the main content -not the only one, beware- of TikTok and chatting is like toast and jam, they go together.

tik tok whatsapp

Wouldn’t you share that ball of fur with others?

But is there a good and bad way to share TikTok videos on WhatsApp? Yes, as long as they are shared with someone who does not have the app installed, and it is that the aforementioned inertia pushes us to, once we have clicked on the TikTok share button, immediately click on the WhatsApp button to, in effect, share the video. That way, however, what is being shared is the link to the video.

So when you send the video to your contact and they don’t have the TikTok app, the web browser will open, with the consequent annoyance. In groups, therefore, it is even more annoying. But it is very easily fixed: stop sharing TikTok videos on WhatsApp. It’s as simple as that. Did you expect anything else? to it we go We are not talking about the substance, but about the form.

tik tok whatsapp

If you share it with someone who does not have WhatsApp, click on “Status”

In other words, instead of clicking the share button and then the WhatsApp button, choose the Status option, just as if you were going to share the video in your WhatsApp states, but instead of clicking on “My status”, choose the chat where you want to share the video. You will then see how what you are sending is the video and not the link. That’s it.

Obvious? Easy? Essential? Of course: this is MC Basics.

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