How to sign up for the beta program to test Windows 11 from next week

If you want to test Windows 11 as early as possible, you can join the Insider program which offers you to receive system pre-releases. Be careful though, it’s at your own risk.

The new version of Windows (with its graphic overhaul, new features and focus on productivity) should arrive on all eligible computers as early as next fall. But for those in a hurry, there is a way to test this new version of the OS earlier.

As Microsoft explained during its conference on June 24, 2021, a preview of Windows 11 should be released as early as next week. The latter is intended for development teams and keen hackers, but you can test it if you wish (as long as your PC is compatible with Windows 11).

First of all, a few small details: Signing up for the Windows beta program means that you will be testing potentially buggy versions of the system. We do not recommend doing this on your main machine.

How do I sign up for Windows Insider?

It’s not rocket science to join the Windows beta program.

Go to the app Settings, then go to the section Update and security and click on the tab Windows Insider Program.

To test the Beta versions of Windows, everything is done in the Settings application // Source: Screenshot

From there, a button will offer you to join the program. After have linked your Microsoft account to the program, your computer will invite you to join the “Dev”, “Beta” or “Preview” channel. Each of these options corresponds to more or less advanced development branches.

To test the version of Windows 11 from next week, you will need to register on the “Dev” channel is the least stable of the three. Let’s say it again, if you are unsure of what you are doing, it is risky to test these pre-releases.

Once your PC is registered with the program, an update burst will launch and you will have to restart your computer a few times in order to finalize the installation. Once all this is done, all you have to do is wait quietly for the deployment of Windows 11. To properly prepare your machine, Microsoft has made some advice available.

How do I exit the Insider program?

If you no longer wish to receive Windows Advanced Updates, you can easily opt out of the Insider program.

Go to the app Settings, then click Update and Security then go to the tab Windows Insider Program. From there, a menu will offer you ” stop receiving trial versions “. Click on Consult the options and toggle the virtual switch to On.

Your registration in the program will then end, and your computer will stop receiving beta updates. It will then wisely wait to be caught up by the stable development branch of the system.

If you want to immediately revert to the stable version of the system, however, you will need to reset your computer. So be careful.

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