How to start reading Batman comics

Where to start reading Batman

Batman Year One, the comic to start reading Batman

This is the easiest part. In Spain, the rights to Batman have been held by ECC Ediciones since 2012. If you take a look at the shelves of your favorite stores, you will see that there are several Batman series right now: Batman Adventures, The dark knight… As well, forget about the series for now.

If you start with them, they are continuous series that need to have read the previous issues in many cases. Or they make references to characters and facts from the Batman stories that will make you lose yourself and not enjoy yourself.

Because, The first Batman comic you should read is the Legendary: Batman: Year One, with Frank Miller to the script and David Mazzucchelli to the inks. Two giants.

The title already says it, we are in the first year of a young and inexperienced Batman who begins his fight for justice on Gotham streets plagued with wicked and misery. Not only will we start reading from the beginning, but we will also enjoy one of the best Batman stories never written. That will make you hopelessly hooked and want to continue.

Fortunately, it is a classic that is constantly being reissued, so it is not difficult to find.

The second comic you must read

Batman The Long Halloween

From here, there are opinions for all tastes, but the second comic that everyone who wants to get started in Batman should read is Batman: The Long Halloweenby Jeb Loeb and Tim Sale.

It is a limited series of 13 episodes, where a Batman, still in its infancy, faces a serial killer who, for a whole year, ravages Gotham.

This recommendation is also simple because is another of the best stories ever written about Batman and it’s a good chronological continuation not official from Batman: Year One.

In this way, we are entering the adventures of the Dark Knight just like him. Also, we dive into the most fascinating side of Batman, the detective that goes much further than handing out bast dressed very weird.

With only these two volumes, we will have already read more than 500 pages of Batman, we know his origin and his best abilities: his extreme intelligence, his training tireless and the greatest superpower of all, the money.

In this way, we can already dive into other Batman stories.

Where to go

If you like me The long Halloween, the following recommendation is easy. As a third comic you must read Batman: Dark Victory, also from Loeb and Sale and a continuation of the Halloween story.

However, if you want, you can already jump to other stories and we recommend that you do it with the best graphic novels and limited series. At least a few of them, before diving into one of the current series and collecting it.

The continuity in the Batman series is very messy, as in almost every superhero with a few years of history. Because, you shouldn’t worry too much about starting here or there, as long as you do it for good comics.

What you guarantee with graphic novels is that you do not miss any of their best stories and that you will learn about the most important events in the history of the Dark Knight, such as who is who among Batman’s villains or the fate of his faithful Robin.

Graphic novels sometimes collect stories purposely made in this format, like the ones we have seen so far, but other times collect the best story arcs of the series of the many comics that there have been of Batman.

For example, a good continuation of the above would be to dive into Batman’s most iconic villain, The joker, and for that, a good comic is Joker The man who laughs. It talks about its origins and collects the numbers 784 to 786 of the series Detective comics.

Other recommendations

After that, you won’t fail with any of these other graphic novel recommendations, in almost any order:

Batman: Arkham Asylumby the legendary Grant Morrison, which compiles in a luxurious volume the confrontation of Batman against some of his greatest enemies.

Batman: The Killing Joke, from another legend, Alan Moore. What can we say, the greatest titans of comics have taken the reins of Batman and masterpieces like these that we are naming come out. Difficult to get it, but right now there is the Deluxe edition in black and white.

Batman: Silence, of Loeb and Lee, where again multitudes of Batman’s enemies devastate Gotham and make life miserable for him.

With those volumes, we will see most of the antagonists and they are stories that will have already hooked us. We will have a good knowledge and we will be able to jump from here to there, choosing what we want without getting lost in the plots.

We would recommend that you will continue with graphic novels and compilations and, at the very least, you won’t miss:

Return of the Dark Knight, by Frank Miller, with an old Batman, who is measured against Superman and takes us to a dark future and some adult themes. Indispensable cult comic, little more to say.

Batman: Under the Red Hood, another must-see story of the Dark Knight.

How to get started in a Batman series

Batman The Killing Joke

With this background, you will already have the best Batman. My recommendation is to continue with graphic novels, so that you will continue to delight yourself with the best that their story has given, or start to follow and collect a series finally.

Currently, ECC has several series if you enter their website. Are Batman: The Detective, Batman: Urban Legends, Batman, Batman / Superman and Batman: Detective Comics. Forget about Batman / Fortnite, that crossover with the game from Epic Games.

The choice already depends. For those who like more than traditional superheroes, Batman / Superman it may be a good choice. For those who like the more adult side of mystery there is Batman: The Detective and of course you can always walk down the middle street and choose the series Batman to dry.

With these prompts, you know how to start reading Batman comics without getting lost in the thousands of options, savoring the best of the best and starting in the right place.

This article contains affiliate links. The Output could get some commission if you buy any of these comics. However, with Batman little joke. All of the stories included here are works of art and this is the best way to start with the most legendary character in comic book history (yeah yeah, screw Superman).

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