How to start reading Captain Marvel comics

If your favorite superheroine is Captain Marvel, you’re in luck because you have some of the best comics in Spanish to learn more about Carol Danvers. Therefore, if you want to delve into the story of one of the most powerful heroines there is, we tell you how to start reading captain marvel. As you can see, you have a couple of very good gateways, including the most current one which, in our opinion, is also the best, but let’s not anticipate events.

Carol Danvers is a former Air Force pilot who, after an explosion exposed her to energy derived from Kree technology, became Captain Marvel.

One of the most powerful superheroines, without a doubt, has had her movie in the UCM and her participation in Avengers: Endgame was highlighted. Therefore, if you are a fan of the character and want to delve into his history and adventures, we bring you the best ways to start reading your comics.

As you will see, starting with the perfect site is very simple.

Kelly Thompson’s Captain Marvel, the best start to reading the comics

For once, and without serving as a precedent, Kelly Thompson’s current stage in front of Captain Marvel is the best. Not only the best to start with, but probably the best of all the superheroes.

Yes, obviously there is a lot of opinion on this and it is not written in stone, but our recommendation is that you start with volume 1, The new World.

In addition, it is quite recent, from the end of 2021. The stage begins with a Danvers who is transported to the future. However, although it seems that you are moving away from the Marvel of the MCU, it is very worthwhile.

Captain Marvel 1. Earth’s Mightiest Hero, Another Good Start

Captain Marvel in action

We understand that, as the current stage is just beginning, it may be short for you and you do not want to wait. Then, the other start for the Captain Marvel comics that we recommend is the Kelly DeConnick stage.

In charge of modernizing the character, it collects all the current essence of Carol Danvers and, in Spain, you can find the beginning with the volume that brings together the numbers from 1 to 6 of that stage.

In addition to that first volume, titled Earth’s Mightiest Hero, you have the following volumes, until the 6 that ends the stage. Look for them within the Marvel Saga series.

The life of Captain Marvel, her definitive origin

If you want something more, because you love Carol Danvers, in Spanish there is a volume that collects the origin of the superheroine according to Margaret Stohl. There he focuses on how he comes to be who he is, as well as going back to family roots and complications.

And if you like the approach that Stohl gives it, in Spanish you also have a volume that compiles his passage through the character: The mighty Captain Marvel.

As you can see, starting to read Captain Marvel is very simple. It is recommended to get hooked on the new most current stage and collect. And if you are left wanting more, you will not fail with the indications that we have given you.

This article contains affiliate links. The Output could get a few cents and zero superpowers if you buy any of these comics. However, this has not influenced the selection and we have carefully chosen the best start to reading the Captain Marvel comics.

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