How to start reading Scarlet Witch comics

If we are guided only by what we have seen of Scarlet Witch in Marvel Studios productions, surely many fans do not know the consequences it has within the universe of characters because it is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful in existence, the only one surely capable of eliminating entire worlds with almost the same power as Thanos himself: with a simple click. That is why if you want to meet the real Wanda Maximoff, we are going to recommend you to read some very special comics.

The hidden face of the character

As we told you, after the UCM movies and the Disney+ series, we have in mind a girl who still seems to not understand the powers she possesses and the repercussion that this can have on the future of the universe. But with the end of WandaVision and, above all, the premiere of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (which arrives in May 2022), it seems evident that finally will fully understand and develop all their abilities, that they seemed asleep, and that they came to mean that they gave her the name of “destroyer of worlds” in the comics.

That is why we are going to recommend you to read some comics that can better situate Wanda’s role in the Marvel universe and the repercussions it could have if all her power were suddenly unleashed. Do you think there would be a counterweight in the world to avoid the disasters that it can unleash? Well, we are going to consult the original sources, those stories that are guiding the team led by Kevin Feige within Marvel Studios.

These are the comics you should read to get to know the character better.

X Men

X-Men Comic #4.

Although it may seem incredible, Wanda Maximoff is a mutant and also the daughter of Magneto. So her beginnings have a lot to do with her villain status as she’s up against Professor X and the other X-Men heroes that you all have in mind. If you want to know more, go to number #4.

avengers disassembled

This collection is one more demonstration of the enormous power that keeps Scarlet Witch and that provokes the suspicion of those around her, since they will soon realize how little they can do against her. Even so, we will know in this volume of Brian Michael Bendis one of the powers that we saw in the Disney + series, the one that allows him to modify reality, or in English known as reality-bending, that modifies the perception of reality to the people around it.

Scarlet Witch.


In volume 10 Wanda is part of the group of superheroes which originates in the comics a more than interesting explanation about the nature of the enormous powers of Scarlet Witch. We must remember that it is, together with these Avengers, where the character forges her greatest feats, so this reading will also help us to know what Agatha Harkness’s role was as her mentor. In any case, it will be with this group of heroes that we will be able to know her true love story with Vision.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch comic.

As an independent figure, Scarlet Witch has not had many series of its own complete as in the case of other heroes, although in 2015 15 issues of one appeared that did focus on the story of the recently (at that time) discovered character for the UCM. The result is a return to the origins of Wanda Maximoff and the explanation of why her enormous magical powers.

West Coast Avengers

Avengers East Coast 51.

In issue #51 we will have the opportunity to meet a Scarlet Witch who doesn’t always focus on the good and that it can easily lean towards what someone would call the “Dark Reverse of the Force.” In this comic, Marvel shows us what he is capable of when he discovers the true nature of his children. In this issue Magneto returns to Wanda’s life in a delivery that we can define as “darker than scarlet”.

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