How to start reading the Hulk comics so you don’t get lost

There are heroes who are born with bread under their arms and have the approval of fans who quickly jump on the bandwagon of their adventures. That led the publisher, Marvel in this case, to create practically weekly content that fed the old newsstands with endless series of comics. Well, that was not, precisely, the example of this Bruce Banner that when he got angry he ended up turning into the Hulk.

And it is that the beginnings of the Mass were not easy because it quickly became clear that he was not as easy to deal with as a Spider-Man or Captain America. It was going to take a lot more resources to make the huge green man fit into the collective imagination. So if you are thinking of immersing yourself in his comic book universe, we are going to give you some small recommendations (not precisely in the order that we do it) so that you launch yourself into the adventure of knowing in depth the tragic existence of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of our times.

planet hulk

Greg Pak was responsible for some of the most remembered Hulk stories and in this one, he also plays with that classic resource of taking the character and placing him in a hostile world. The result is a conclave of superheroes who are worried about the devastation that the Mass produces in each intervention, so neither short nor lazy they put him in a space rocket bound for a new planet. The problem is that the plans don’t go as they should and Hulk ends up lost in a ruled place by a despot who stages gladiatorial battles with those he imprisons. Our hero will be called “The Green Scar” and we will tell you no more.

Imperfect future

It is very common in Marvel to find different versions of the same character. Sometimes to create paradoxes and all sorts of recurring twists and turns in the universe. The same thing happens here, with Peter David at the helm, where we will see how hulk has to face a dark version of himself who has managed to conquer the world in an alternate future timeline. An apocalypse that is key to understanding some things in the universe that surrounds the character.

Imperfect future of the Hulk.

The incredible Hulk

For many, John Byrne is one of the most important authors of the 1980s and his passage through the Hulk is one of the most remembered, especially because it is the one that marks a little the direction that the character will take in the following times, In this, specifically, we will see how the two personalities separate and Bruce Banner goes out to hunt down the Hulk while the beast is taking more and more prominence and increasing its destructive power.

Immortal Hulk.

The Immortal Hulk

Al Ewing, as a screenwriter, and the cartoonist Joe Bennett, are responsible for these comics that are, for many, the best the character has seen and that, right from the start, decides to kill Bruce Banner, which does not prevent the doctor from reviving every night as the Hulk. A character who is still green but who has stopped becoming a public danger that destroys everything in his path: now, we find ourselves before a cold and calculating hero, practically immortal.

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