How to take advantage of WhatsApp Business in the tourism sector

The way of traveling has changed in recent years, giving it a leadership increasing to the mobile phone. Recent studies have indicated that 85% of travelers have a smartphone and, of them, three quarters consider it their main travel companion, given that they carry out more and more actions with it when traveling.

The most used application in our country is WhatsApptherefore,, a company specialized in conversational commerce, points out four ways in which the tourism industry can take advantage of this channel to benefit its customers:

  • Manage requests: Travelers are increasingly using their mobile phones both when buying their tickets and making their reservations, as well as when checking in, checking their points balance or any other action related to their trip. That is why WhatsApp is revealed as the most agile channel to manage all these requests, allowing travelers to contact the company through the channel they use the most.
  • Information about the purchase: The messaging application can be very useful in the purchase process, since it is possible to send the customer their boarding passes, their tickets for museums or other types of activities, or simply the purchase invoice. In this way, the traveler will have much more of these documents at hand and will not waste time looking for them during their stay at the destination.
  • Solve problems: In the event of an incident, customers expect a quick and effective response, so it is best to use a close and immediate channel such as WhatsApp. Studies indicate that a dissatisfied customer talks to 10 others, but with social networks the scope of this type of situation has multiplied by 10.
  • proactive information: This channel, given its proximity, can help make the trip easier and more pleasant for tourists if it provides them with additional useful information. For example, it can be good to send you weather information for the destination on the selected days or other useful information such as road closures or subway routes, opening hours of different activities or even recommendations on where to eat.

After the coronavirus pandemic, the tourism industry is regaining its strength, driven by digitization”, points out Pablo de Mier Prieto, Country Manager of Spain of, which adds: “The current trend is to put the customer at the center, for which it is necessary to use communication channels that are close and not very intrusive, such as WhatsApp Business. The secret is to be where our clients are”.

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