How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC easily and quickly

Transfer photos from iPhone to PC too easy. You do not need to carry out complicated configurations, and it is not essential to download any type of application either, thanks to the increasing integration that this device has been receiving in computers based on Windows operating systems.

In this practical article we are going to explain, in detail, all you have to do to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, and we will also see the resolution of some problems that may occur occasionally. If after finishing reading it you have any questions you can leave it in the comments.

  • The first thing we have to do is connect iPhone to a USB port from our PC. For this, we use the Lightning cable with which we normally charge it.
  • The PC will recognize that we have connected a USB device and it will identify it as an iPhone.
  • Now we will have to go to the iPhone screen to unlock it and allow the PC to access the content of the device. This is essential, since if we do not accept we will not see the photos and videos of the iPhone on our PC, and we will not be able to access them.
  • Now we just have to go to”Team> View”, where the storage units will appear listed. We open the one that appears identified as iPhone and that’s it, we will find the photos and videos in folders ordered by date, which will allow us to find what we are looking for more easily.
  • We can transfer photos from iPhone to PC through the classic selection system, drag and drop to copy to the destination folder.

We can also transfer photos from iPhone to PC using the iTunes application, which we can get for free on the official Apple website. With this application, we will also have to connect the iPhone, and we will have to carry out a process of unlocking the terminal and verifying trust in the connected equipment.

Three Known Issues When Transferring Photos from iPhone to PC

  1. When I try to copy many photos at once I get an error message: It is a problem that occurs quite frequently, and can force us to restart the computer. To avoid this, try to gradually copy the photos you want to transfer to your PC. So, for example, don’t copy 500 photos at once, divide them into two groups of 250 photos.
  2. The PC recognizes the iPhone but when I access the device it appears empty: another frequent problem that has an easy solution, disconnect the connection cable to the PC, wait a few seconds and reconnect it. If it has not been resolved, restart the computer.
  3. Failed to copy small groups of photos: in this case, be careful not to try to copy files that are not photos, and that may appear mixed with them. These normally occupy a few bytes, and are responsible for that failure.

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