How to transfer your Spotify playlists to use on other platforms

Today, have Spotify on the mobile phone it is almost a basic, since the years in which we were looking for all possible ways to download music from platforms such as YouTube are long gone. The strategy of the music application is certainly good, you have the possibility of using a free version, so that you can enjoy its huge catalog of music, but it has its limitations, not to mention the inopportune interruptions of advertising. This has led many users to switch to its paid version, and all of them recognize that it is worth it.

Although there are also those who are more reticent, and are thinking of look for an alternative to Spotify. Either because it didn’t offer everything you expected, you can’t keep paying your dues, or other reasons. Of course, it’s a shame to run out of all the functions it offers, not to mention the music lists that you should already have, and that surely have taken you a long time to have them. But the truth is that yes you have a way to find an alternative, and take all the lists and artists that you had in your library.

Luckily, there are applications with which you will be able to carry out this transfer, although of course, you will have to open the wallet so that the results are the best. Of course, it is not a free process, but it will save you a lot of work

How to transfer your Spotify library through Chrome


In the event that you want to change your entire Spotify library using a desktop option, you have two pages to turn to, Soundiiz Y Tune My Music. These have basic plans, which have limits for the number of songs you can move for free.

The price of their plans starts at $4.50 per month, and in the case of Soundiiz, they allow you to transfer up to 200 songs for free. On the other hand, Tune My Music offers you a free transfer of up to 500 songs

How transfer your Spotify library on Android and iOS


First of all, if you have an Android or iOS terminal, we will show you how and what to use to carry out this transfer. Go to the Play Store, and search for the FreeYourMusic application, which is compatible with most platforms, among which are Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, YouTube Music and Apple Music.

To use it, vso you will have to link your Spotify account and the platform to which you want to transfer your entire library. Once you’ve done that, you can start moving all your lists from one platform to the other comfortably. With this app you will be able to select both playlists and complete albums, and it also has an option to Select all, of course this is not free. If you want to go as fast as possible and use this tool, you will have to upgrade to a FreeYourMusic premium account.

It may seem that saving this extra and manually transferring the playlists is something simple, but nothing is further from the truth. When you start this transfer, the progress will appear on the screen, and when you reach 100 songs, it is blocked.

In order to use FreeYourMusic you will need at least a Basic account. The price of this is 1$1.99. You can also get one of the Premium plans, which are for those who want to switch between multiple subscriptions.

Download FreeYourMusic on Android

Download FreeYourMusic on iOS

You can also do it for free, but manually


In case you don’t want to pay a single penny, of course you have a way to transfer all your playlists from Spotify to other platforms like YouTube Music and Apple Music. Of course, this one is going to take a considerable amount of time, since the only way to do it entirely is manually.

As last choice, you can subscribe to the apps listed above, use their free offer to send a certain number of songs from one platform to another, and delete your subscription before they charge you. Sure, you won’t be able to transfer everything, but you can rank the lists that are most important to you. At least some optionstransfer your Spotify playlists to other platforms they will not miss you.

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