How to Troubleshoot Range Issues on an Internet Connection

Any Internet connection has a limited range, both in its wired and wireless version. Think, for example, of what happens when you install the router in a room far from the master bedroom. If you wanted to connect a console located in that room to the Internet you would have it very complicated, since you would not arrive with a normal Ethernet type cable, and the Wi-Fi may not arrive with enough intensity to offer a good experience.

These limitations in the range of Internet connections can be solved in different ways, and the good news is that in some cases it is possible to solve them without spending money, and in other cases it will be enough to make a small investment. I know that this is a topic that worries many of our readers, and that is why we wanted to put together this article where we will give you a series of tips to solve Internet connection range problems.

How to fix internet connection range issues without spending any money

  • Place the router in a central position, elevated and free of obstacles and sources of interference. This will allow you to maximize the range of the Wi-Fi signal.
  • If you need to reach a series of specific rooms with a wired connection, try placing the router as close as possible to theseand do not rule out resorting to small maneuvers of great utility, such as holes in the wall to pass cable without having to go around.
  • Orient the antennas well and point in that direction you want to reach with the signal of your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Use less saturated channels, and change the channel width going beyond 20 MHz. It’s simple and can make a noticeable difference to wireless connections.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn to Wi-Fi 4Although it reaches lower speeds, it has a greater range than Wi-Fi 5, and this can help you reach those areas where you did not have a connection under Wi-Fi 5.

How to Troubleshoot Range Issues on an Internet Connection

If all of the above fails….

You will have to make a financial investment to extend the range of your Internet connection. You have many options available, although without a doubt the most economical and effective would be resort to a Wi-Fi repeater. Today we can find many models available on the market, with different prices and different features.

It is important that you bear in mind that the cheapest models are normally limited to the Wi-Fi 4 standard, and that their maximum speeds are usually quite low. The best for most users are the mid-range models that also have Wi-Fi 5, and that offer quite high combined speeds.

If you need to reach rooms that are far away, overcome many obstacles or sources of interference, or if you simply want to have a wired connection in places that are far away, a PLC with a Wi-Fi repeater is undoubtedly your best option. These types of devices connect to a plug and transmit our Internet connection through the electrical network. In this way, we will be able to take our connection from a first to a second floor effortlessly, with all the guarantees and enjoy the advantages of cable and Wi-Fi.

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