How to turn off keyboard sound on iPhone

Remove keyboard sound on iPhone

When we buy an iPhone or iPad and set it up for the first time, we find that, By default, the keyboard on our new device makes a clicking sound. every time we press a key. But how to remove the keyboard sound on our iPhone or iPad?

The sound informs us that we have successfully pressed a key on the keyboard, but this function, like some others, can be frustrating for some users.For this reason, although for some users it may be a pleasant sound, for other users can be an unpleasant sound. Luckily the guys from Cupertino let us modify this section in a fairly simple way, from the configuration section of our device, be it an iPhone or an iPad.

Besides, muting the keyboard sound can also help you focus When you write a message with your iPhone, or an email with your iPad, or even if you use the device connected to the AirPods, it can be quite annoying, listening to a song and also the keyboard of your computer. Let’s see how to disable the keyboard sound!

How to turn off the keyboard sound on your iPhone or iPad

If you want to turn off the keyboard sound on your iPhone or iPad to avoid distractions, you can do it very easily by following these steps, let’s get to it!

To turn off keyboard sound on an iPhone or iPad:

  • First we will go to the Settings section of our Apple device.
  • Scroll down until you find the section sound and vibrations
  • In this submenu we must look for the section of “Keyboard response” and we click on the arrow to the right to open the options.
  • once inside “Keyboard response” we can activate “Sound” so that it sounds every time we press a key, and/or activate or deactivate “Vibration” to vibrate or not, when we press a key on the keyboard.

After following these mentioned steps, you will no longer hear the clicks while typing on the keyboard and if you want, you will not notice the haptic vibration either.

Turn off other sounds on iPhone and iPad

remove keyboard sound

In addition to having the ability to turn off the keyboard sound on the iPhone and iPad, there are other sounds that we can turn off if we find them annoying. For example, you can disable the click you hear when you lock your iPhone or the iPad.

This process is also very simple, to disable other system sounds on iPhone and iPad, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the app settings from the home screen of your device.
  • Now we return to the section sounds and vibrations and we touch on it, to access the submenu.
  • Finally, we slide our finger down the list and look for where to put “Sound when blocking”just to the right will appear a button which will turn green if it is activated, or remain gray if it is deactivated.
  • And that would be it, as simple as that, we have removed another sound from the iPhone and iPad.

How to disable vibrations on iPhone and iPad

It is also worth mentioning that we can further customize the sensations that we perceive when writing with our iPhone or iPad, since there is another option that you may want to deactivate, which is the haptic response of the device when we press a key.

Device haptic feedback refers to the clicks you hear and feel when you perform certain actions with your device, when you long-press on an app, for example, the typical tap-and-hold gesture.

To disable that haptic feedback from the system on your iPhone or iPad, you must follow these steps:

  • First open Settings on your device, and go back to the option of sounds and vibrations.
  • Now slide your finger down the list and look for the option “System Vibration” which is located at the bottom, a button will appear next to it, which is in green if it is activated, or it will be shown in gray if it is deactivated.

Turn off typing sound on your iPhone or iPad

iPhone silent mode

Turning off the keyboard sound on an iPhone and iPad is actually a simple process. It will be quite useful when you don’t want the click to bother you or even the people around you.

If you don’t want to access the system and move between the menus to change the settings of your device and put it to your liking, it is true that you can also do it in a much faster way.

In that case, you will simply have to go to the outside of your device, and move the mute/sound switch that we have on all iPhones to this day.

Use the ring/silent switch on an iPhone or iPad

If we are in an important meeting, at the movies, or in the theater, lowering the volume of our iPhone may not be enough, but you don’t want to turn off your iPhone either.

For this reason, fortunately the guys from Cupertino created one of the hallmarks of the iPhone years ago, its integrated switch that allows us to quickly activate or deactivate the silent mode on the device.

You should know that if you have the silent mode activated, you won’t hear any alarm, alert, incoming call ringor some kind of vibration, for example.

How to use the ring/silent switch on an iPhone

The easiest and fastest way to put your iPhone in silent mode is using the ring/silent switch located to the left of the device.

If you’re new to Apple or new to your iPhone, you may not know it’s there, or its functionality. This button allows you to quickly toggle between silent and sound modes.

When we move the button from one side to the other, to activate or deactivate it, a reddish orange color will be displayed on the switch that informs us that the silent mode is activated, and the color of our iPhone will be displayed if this mode is not activated.

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