How to turn off notification red dots on Facebook

Notifications are raining on Facebook and you would like to limit them? Good news: on the mobile application, options allow you to deactivate, section by section, the red dots.

Tired of the constant notifications popping up in the Facebook mobile app? Good news: the social network has caught wind of discontent. A hidden control option has been available for some years Android and iOS. It offers Internet users the possibility of cutting the red pastilles notifications that appear next to the shortcuts for certain sections.

How to remove notifications from Facebook

The manipulation is easy to implement.

  • Long touch one of the shortcut icons at the bottom of the app or go to the side menu and long touch its name
  • A window appears at the bottom of the application.
  • Select “Disable notification dots”.

Topics that are eligible include Videos on Watch, Groups, Events, Invitations, Marketplace, Profile, Dating, News, Today In and Gaming. Note that this does not apply to direct notifications that come from your contacts, for example if one of them marks you on their wall to get your attention.

The settings as they appear on the iPhone.

How to remove shortcuts from Facebook

Note also that you can also lighten the shortcut bar that Facebook offers in its mobile application. The operation is identical: hold down on the item you want to remove and select “Delete from the shortcut bar”. It’s another, even more drastic way to hide notifications you no longer want to see.

If you change your mind, it is possible to restore one or more hidden items. Click on the last icon on the shortcut bar, the one symbolized by the three superimposed horizontal lines. Then go to the settings, and go down to the section dedicated to shortcuts. From there, you just have to reactivate the sections that you are missing.

Article originally published on November 12, 2019 and updated on August 16, 2021

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