How to use eGedex, the electronic administration platform

The road to digitization is an unstoppable path in which we are all or should be involved. An objective that helps both users and companies to relate better and more securely, and make organizations more competitive companies capable of responding to an increasingly globalized and technological world with the greatest guarantees of success. But beware! the public administration must also take safe steps and determined in favor of a digitization that also fulfills an aspect, that of public service, essential for citizens.

Under this commitment, eGedex was born, the electronic administration platform already consolidated as the solution for the digitization of the different public administrations. Even today, many of these administrations continue with archaic systems that need to be completely transformed. Streamline processes, the work of officials and contracted personnel and a better and more practical relationship with the citizen It’s fundamental. And more so in a context where, according to data from the Ontsi (National Observatory of Technology and Society), 77% of Internet users already use some digital system in their procedures with the public administration.

eGedex provides the different town councils with the necessary management processes and threads for the establishment of the electronic file. Is about a fully customizable, scalable and adaptable platform for municipalities of all sizes with a friendly design that allows simple and intuitive navigation. One of its great advantages is that for use, it is not necessary to purchase software or hardware.

A maximum security platform where all the information is sent encrypted and both the DNI and the user passwords circulate separately to protect it from cyberattacks, already complicated to carry out. In turn, it allows the traceability of all managed documents to be checked, including those that have been deleted. It provides analytical tools to evaluate metrics and statistics, and is prepared in compliance with Law 39/2015 on Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, Law 40/2015 on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector and Organic Law 3/2018 on Data Protection. Personal and guarantee of digital rights.

How to use eGedex

To understand the use of eGedex, it is essential to know the different modules that make it up, their usefulness and how they can help public administration on a day-to-day basis. These are:

  1. Check in / check out
  2. electronic signature holder
  3. Document management and archive
  4. File gestures
  5. Telematic notifications
  6. electronic office
  7. Collegiate bodies

Check in / check out

This module has a specific objective, that of helping to digitally manage documents submitted electronically but also face-to-face. Documents that, in addition, are archived in a single digital record book.

this option allows document scanning as well as digitization certified by the agency’s seal, also the electronic attestation and the authentic copy. It helps to better control because it certifies the date and time of entry or exit of the document and everything with full legal validity. Allows you to search and modify records; integrates with other applications used by the entity; notes the entries in the pertinent book and provides a receipt for said management.

electronic signature holder

eGedex electronic signature carrier receives not only the requests generated by any e-Administration application, but also those received by other external ones. It therefore helps to collect all requests for approval of documents by any member; warns if there are still files to be signed; insert signature and seal; It allows you to sign from anywhere and delegate said signature and even make multiple signatures and in several documents; as well as attach documents to be formed to consult us before making decisions.

A secure tool since it uses the services offered by the @Firma, in addition to supporting the validation of ACCV certificates, that is, the Certification Agency of the Valencian Community, and electronic DNI.

Document management and archive

There is no doubt that public administrations must deal with an enormous amount of documents. Using this module is a great relief for them since solves the serious problem of storing documents while complying with current legislation and respecting the life cycle of documents.

A module that can be seamlessly integrated into the document management system that exists in each administration. It helps preserve documentary heritage, as well as transparency and citizen access to information. It also helps to make searches easier, indexed or by metadata, and to ensure the integrity, authenticity and, if so, the secure and documented destruction of documents.

File Manager

An essential module to help a fully electronic and practical administration by helping in the processing of any file. Custom templates can be created for each entity; provides alerts on compliance with their deadlines; supports automated as well as personalized workflow;

The file manager allows the processing of the file electronically from end to end, in all its phases. With our platform, the start of the files is very simple, since it is possible to create personalized templates tailored to each entity and check the status of the files and be able to relate them to each other.

Telematic notifications

If there is something indispensable in the administration it is that it is recorded that any notification has been sent and delivered in a reliable manner. This module allows the electronic management of these documents and even allows sending mass notifications. It is, of course, secure by guaranteeing the authenticity of the data with an electronic signature and digital certificate. It also provides acknowledgment of receipt, allows you to send SMS and emails, integrate into other applications of the organization, so that users can register or unsubscribe and something very important: record the exact moment of registration.

electronic office

eGedex has, without a doubt, an important aspect of public service and this module is an example of this by allowing, for example, a town hall to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the citizen. He will be able to carry out his procedures when he wants and can and from wherever he wants with total security, all protected by Law 39/2015 of Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.

Also, it can also host the Transparency Portal, where the City Council makes available to citizens all public information about the entity itself and its operation. In this sense, the authenticity of the procedures is verified using security certificates and electronic signatures and offers interesting portal access statistics for all its pages and printable or downloadable PDF content.

Collegiate bodies

This eGedex module It is extremely useful for the administrations since it helps plenary sessions, boards, commissions… to process the resolutions of the different collegiate bodies, all electronically and securely. In this way, electronic minute books can be created and managed, and the users authorized to access said documents can be controlled. It also provides alerts, allows you to consult documents at any time, have personalized templates, have an automated document flow, among other advantages.

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